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Working at the MUB is more than simply having a job on campus. MUB employees facilitate learning for thousands of students, enhance personal growth for each other, and support community building across all facets of campus. Students have the opportunity to meet new people and build life-long friendships while working at a job they love. Employees have real responsibility and leave with concrete life and career focused skills that will translate readily into any post-graduation endeavor; skills like leadership, communication, conflict management and team building. 

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Games Room Associate Games Room Apply Now
Student Org Assistant MUB Office Apply Now
Academic Year Operations Team Operations Apply Now

Learning Outcomes

In order to develop their leadership identity and enhance their learning experience, students who actively participate in the engagement opportunities provided by the Memorial Union Building & Student Activities will be able to: 

  • Demonstrate effective communication, including with people from all cultures and backgrounds
  • Develop and foster inclusive environments for undergraduate and graduate students
  • Analyze and respond to challenges with critical thought in order to identify and implement an effective solution
  • Collaborate with others to create engaging experiences for the UNH community