Cultural Connections

Upcoming Events

February 26 - April 23

3 p.m. - 4 p.m.

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Traditional Chinese Wooden Joints “Sunmao”
Yu Zhou | China | Feb. 26

Mortise and tenon joints, which are called Sunmao in China, have been used extensively in Chinese wooden architecture, furniture, or even toys. This type of structure provides strong stability without any pins or screw. The earliest Chinese Sunmao structure was found about 7000 years ago around the Hemudu Site, which was much earlier than the appearance of Chinese characters! Come and see how smart the ancient people were and how this

Not Superstitious but a Little Stitious
Kherlen Oyunbaatar | Monglia | Mar. 5

Mongolians are not superstitious but a little stitious. Since Mongolia is a democratic country, the Constitution of Mongolia provides for freedom of religion and generally respects this right in practice. According to the national consensus, 53% of Mongolians practice Buddhism in some way, specifically elder people are genuine believers in this religion. As someone who grew up with grandparents, I would hear lots of silly superstitions at home. Come and learn about those silly things and have a good laugh!

Canada vs. COVID-19
Shawn Bedard | Canada | Mar. 12

In this presentation, I will be discussing how Canada as a country has taken on facing covid-19 during this ongoing pandemic. Even though Canada and the United States are neighboring countries, they both have had their separate issues when dealing with the virus. I will be talking and comparing both country's initial responses, regulations that were put in place, how successful they have been at reducing case numbers, and the reactions from the general population.

What Hinduism Means to Me
Mrinal Ganash | India | Mar. 26

Hinduism has played a pivotal role in my life, and it is an important aspect that governs how I view the world. Hinduism is multifaceted and the oldest surviving religion, every region in India has their own outlook on religion. People in the south have a different way of expressing their religion than people in the north. As such, I have my own viewpoints when it comes to religion.

Strange Things that Happen in India
Soleha Patel | India | Apr. 2

This presentation is going to depict crazy and strange things that happen in India and might come as a culture shock to someone who hasn't been to India. From using your hands to eat a meal to the wealth gap in India. Come and learn about the diversity and the contrasting character that is India.

Deep into the Amazon Rainforest
Nicolas Silberstein Camara | Brazil | Apr. 9

Join me through an exciting adventure through the Amazon where we will explore the largest and most biodiverse tropical rainforest in the world. More than 30 million people of 350 different ethnic groups from all South America live and depend on the Amazon. Let's understand its real deforestation and how it affects the world. Get ready, pack your backpack with useful tools and join me through this expedition.

Long Canadian Winters Lead to the Best Winter Sports
Carly Little| Canada | Apr. 23

Come indulge, through my presentation, in the ways Canadians enjoy our long, cold winters... through sports and outdoor activities! Canada is home to an infinite amount of winter activities, some are common and some, a mystery to the rest of the world! I will do my best to inspire you to change your attitude about the cold and the snow. I hope to see you there!