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The University of New Hampshire wants to highlight student success stories. One way of doing this has been through the Create Your Own Story initiative which features students who, in their own way, have strived to make the most of their time at UNH. Each of their stories are different, yet they all share a common theme - a deep desire to claim their education.

Our purpose in sharing these stories is to encourage other students to approach their time at UNH with intention, curiosity, and personal drive. Hopefully by reading some of these stories, others will be inspired to make the most of their time here and create new stories that are rich, interesting, and unique.

Award Information

The CYOS nomination process is open through Wednesday, January 22, 2020.  Questions? Please contact Curt Kenoyer.

Watch the short video below to learn more about the CYOS initiative at UNH...

  • Emma Chinman

    Emma Chinman

    CYOS 2018-19 Award Recipient

    As a social work and women’s studies dual major, Emma has always been passionate about activism and community service.

  • Amber McElhinney

    Amber McElhinney

    CYOS 2018-19 Award Recipient

    Amber grew up riding horses – her grandfather first introduced them to her –and she also knew she wanted to go to veterinary school. UNH was the perfect match for her.

  • Angela Meng

    Angela Meng

    CYOS 2018-19 Award Recipient

    “I’ve definitely become more confident – that’s for sure...I think I’ve become more open-minded as well. [Learning about] diversity and inclusion has been really important to me. I learned a lot about how we can understand each other despite different cultures and backgrounds.”

  • Avery Van De Water

    Avery Van De Water

    CYOS 2018-19 Award Recipient

    Avery’s path to academic success and professional promise has not been linear or smooth.

  • Caitlin Burnett

    Caitlin Burnett

    CYOS 2018-19 Award Recipient

    Caitlin is the eighth generation on her family farm in Conway, Mass. a town of 2,000 people and no stoplights.

  • Katie Baker

    Katie Baker

    CYOS 2018-19 Award Recipient

    As a first-generation college student originally from Bowling Green, Ohio, Katie didn’t know anyone when she arrived in Durham and she had little personal framework for how to effectively navigate her new life here.

  • Jacob Remick

    Jacob Remick

    CYOS 2018-19 Award Recipient

    Jacob has always known that he wants to serve his country. For him, joining the Army National Guard, and eventually the University of New Hampshire Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC), was not a choice but a calling.

  • Mily Santos

    Mily Santos

    CYOS 2018-19 Award Recipient

    “My father moved to the U.S. for work opportunities when I was two years old. I didn’t see him again until I was 14.” (Walkania)

  • Robert McQuade

    Robert McQuade

    CYOS 2018-19 Award Recipient

    The pivotal moment in Robert’s college career happened when he took a physical education inclusion class. It was here that Robert learned ways to include people of all abilities into physical education classes — and why not doing so has physical and social implications.

  • Abbey McIntosh

    Abbey McIntosh

    CYOS 2018-19 Award Recipient

    Stories are very important to Abbey’s life. A communication major with a strong background in studio art, she’s passionate about capturing, creating and sharing stories through photography, videography and fine art.