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The University of New Hampshire wants to highlight student success stories. One way of doing this has been through the Create Your Own Story initiative which features students who, in their own way, have strived to make the most of their time at UNH. Each of their stories are different, yet they all share a common theme - a deep desire to claim their education.

Our purpose in sharing these stories is to encourage other students to approach their time at UNH with intention, curiosity, and personal drive. Hopefully by reading some of these stories, others will be inspired to make the most of their time here and create new stories that are rich, interesting, and unique.

Award Information

The 2019 CYOS nomination process is now open through Wednesday, January 23, 2019. Please utilize the nomination packet below.  Questions? Please contact Curt Kenoyer.

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  • Alex Buckman

    Alex Buckman

    CYOS 2017-18 Award Recipient

    Since January, Alex Buckman ’19 has sat on the banks of the River Jordan, visited the Dead Sea, and seen Al-Maghtas, where it’s believed that Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist.

  • Michael Locke

    Michael Locke

    CYOS 2017-18 Award Recipient

    As a high school student, Michael Locke '18 said he never really broke out of his shell. He stuck with his friend group and didn’t have a strong desire to meet others, even here at UNH.

  • Marissa Anderson

    Marissa Anderson

    CYOS 2017-18 Award Recipient

    It all started with Rammstein, an industrial metal band from Germany, when Marissa Anderson ’18 was just about five years old.

  • Madison Pierce

    Madison Pierce

    CYOS 2017-18 Award Recipient

    Two weeks before Madison Pierce ’18 was to board a plane for Amman, Jordan, she was informed of a ban on travel to Egypt and Jordan — according to University policy, any countries with travel bans were off-limits.

  • Jhenneffer Marcal

    Jhenneffer Marcal

    CYOS 2017-18 Award Recipient

    “I like to be in the background, so a lot of people don’t really know what I do.” That quote represents the quiet but purposeful way that Jhenneffer Marcal ’18 has approached her UNH experience.

  • Hayley Forbes

    Hayley Forbes

    CYOS 2017-18 Award Recipient

    As a first year student, Hayley Forbes was excited to be on a college campus, surrounded by other students and with plenty of opportunities to socialize. But she pretty quickly realized that she wasn’t satisfied at the prospect of going to more parties;

  • Hannah Mathieu

    Hannah Mathieu

    CYOS 2017-18 Award Recipient

    Hannah knew she wanted to leave her home state of Maine for college and, with a nudge from her dad, applied to UNH.

  • Eden Suoth

    Eden Suoth

    CYOS 2017-18 Award Recipient

    Eden Suoth’s ’18 UNH story is not a romantic one, as he would say, but one of sacrifice and empowerment. It is an endeavor to help others better understand the human experience.

  • Chelsea Evankow

    Chelsea Evankow

    CYOS 2017-18 Award Recipient

    Chelsea Evankow ’18 came to campus and quickly found her niche – joining club lacrosse, going on Outdoor Adventure trips, and becoming a member of the Greek community.

  • Alexandria Hidrovo

    Alexandria Hidrovo

    CYOS 2017-18 Award Recipient

    Alexandria (Lexy) Hidrovo ’18 comes from the gritty town of Harrison, New Jersey. Her father told her in April of her first year at UNH that their family home was being auctioned off and they would be evicted.