CYOS Spotlights

Kaitlyn Grant

CYOS 2019-2020 Award Recepient

"I feel like I’ve gone through a lot of growth at UNH. I’m the same person, but a lot more externally chill. I’m a little more weathered, but for the better."



Jordyn Haime

CYOS 2019-2020 Award Recepient

“Realizing that I could do that [reporting in and on China] was just a big deal in realizing how mature I’ve become over the years and how capable I am of being independent.”



Nicola Elardo

CYOS 2019-2020 Award Recepient

"When I started at UNH, I had so many things I wanted to do."



Zhuoying Yang

CYOS 2019-2020 Award Recepient

“I want to say that I have never been afraid of any challenge, because I will always have a positive attitude to face and overcome it.”



Emely Cepeda

CYOS 2019-2020 Award Recepient

“My involvements at UNH have made me a positive influencer, a dancer, a leader, and a social justice warrior.”



Shadi Zamani

CYOS 2019-2020 Award Recepient

“I learned to have hope until the very last moment, never give up. You never know where help is going to come from. Never lose your hope.”



Michael Newell

CYOS 2019-2020 Award Recepient

“My advice to younger students is to get involved; that’s how I found my community. For anyone who feels they are having struggles, either academically or otherwise, by getting involved you will have a support system to get you through tougher times.”



Rachel Avery

CYOS 2019-2020 Award Recepient

"I’m compelled by the drive to know our history and the people who’ve come before us, and to know about the people whose voices have been erased."



Chase Retrosi

CYOS 2019-2020 Award Recepient

"Push yourself to an experience that you’re not 100 percent sure about. Worst possible scenario is that you have a great story to tell. Best possible scenario is that it could change your life forever."



Parker Armstrong

CYOS 2019-20 Award Recipient

"You learn more from when you fail than when you succeed. It teaches you empathy."