Hiring Procedures & Forms

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Hiring Procedures and Forms

The purpose of this search manual is to facilitate faculty recruiting and hiring in compliance with established law and university policy.  It is a living document that is updated as policy and practice evolve, and as improved and more streamlined procedures are developed. Please address general inquiries and suggestions to Robin Pelechowicz, provost's office, Thompson Hall, 862-3246 or robin.pelechowicz@unh.edu.  

Note that the processes previously covered in forms FS 1-4 are now automated in PeopleAdmin. Forms FS-5 - FS-8 are located in the appendix to the Faculty Search Manual and at the SEARCH FORMS link below.

Faculty Search Manual (Word)

Select sections of the manual are available at these links for your convenience:

Search forms

Process flow and checklist

Instructions for completing position announcement and recruitment plan in PeopleAdmin

Making the invisible visible: gender microaggressions

Debunking assumptions in the faculty search process

Faculty recruitment best practices

Opportunity Hires

The 2020 diversity, equity and inclusion strategic initiatives, which were incorporated into the overall UNH Strategic Priorities, call for increased faculty diversity. Opportunity hires are one initiative that supports DEI. Please see the below link for guidance that provides information on opportunity hires and the process to submit a proposal.

Opportunity hire guidance