Dear Students,

The International Travel Risk Review Committee further updated the UNH Travel Policy for current study abroad students in response to the escalation of the war in Ukraine and attacks on the western border. Travel is prohibited to all countries bordering Ukraine: Belarus, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, and Hungary (except for students currently on programs in Budapest).

The exception for students participating on UNH study abroad programs in Budapest was made due to the extensive onsite supervision and support provided by the programs. Students studying abroad in Budapest must seek approval from their program for any travel outside Budapest and adhere to the travel ban on other bordering countries with Ukraine.

All study abroad students must continue to adhere to existing UNH Travel Policies:

  • No travel to Department of State Levels 3 and 4 countries, unless the travel advisory is due to COVID-19 only and there are no additional reasons listed.
  • Check-in on your International SOS Assistance App every other day when traveling outside your host country.
  • Review Department of State travel advisories and International SOS country assessments prior to and during your upcoming personal trips and follow their travel advice.
  • Travel is prohibited to all countries bordering Ukraine.

If you have any questions about your travel plans, please consult your program staff or Beth Kilinc in the UNH Education Abroad office. If you have questions about your Assistance App or MyTrips, contact

Safe travels,
Leo Meijer
Interim Director Education Abroad

Beth Kilinc
Senior Coordinator for Risk Management & Partnerships