Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Leila Paje-Manalo

December 25th this year holds special meaning for me as it is my last day as Director of the Office of International Students and Scholars. I am retiring from UNH after 34 years, of which 29 of those were at OISS. While I am looking forward to future adventures, I am sad to leave a job I love and will miss being with co-workers who are dear to me. I will also miss the experience of meeting and getting to know international students and scholars personally – one of the many rewards of my career at UNH.

 I did not plan for a career in international education but now, I cannot imagine a more suitable and rewarding role for me.  Working with international students, faculty and staff has brought meaning and fulfillment to me and my family. I leave with a grateful heart for your friendship, guidance, encouragement and support through the years.

Warmest regards,

Below are some parting words from staff who have had the privilegeof working with Leila:

I can see that the whole time you were at OISS (or when you were the whole OISS) students and scholars were lucky to have you at the helm.

…what I think is extraordinary about you as a director is that you somehow always find the time to listen.

I have learned so much under your supervision and am a confident advisor because of your guidance and support. 

You have made a tremendous impact over the years on the lives of thousands of international students. 

Thank you for making international diversity at UNH your priority.  We are all the better for it.

You have spent a career helping people to improve their lives and families and launch their careers. In the process, you enriched the UNH community and strengthened the quality of our research and teaching. What a wonderful legacy to celebrate.

….you have embodied what it means to be a thoughtful and effective leader, a caring team-builder, an expert in the field, and a positive spirit through thick and thin.

….it is clear that your dedication and impact will be felt long after you retire. Your contribution to the international students and the UNH community as a whole is remarkable.  

UNH and especially OISS, will miss much your loyalty to the unit and its traditions, your affectionate fellowship, your wit and humor and your unfailing good sense.  

You will be missed deeply!