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Local and Regional Transportation Information

Where can I find accessible parking spaces at UNH?

The UNH-Durham campus has designated accessible parking spaces across the campus with the highest concentration of spaces located in the core campus.  Accessible spaces can be found in all lots except perimeter Lots A, West Edge and the Mast Road Lots.  Zoom into a building on the Accessibility Map to find the closest accessible parking spaces.  Look for the wheelchair symbol.

Accessible parking spaces at the Manchester and Concord campuses are located in proximity to each building's accessible entrance(s).

Accessible parking spaces are reserved on a first come/first served basis for individuals with a walking disability who display a current state-issued license plate or hanging placard.  Disability plates and hang tags are honored in all 50 states.  At UNH-Durham an individual with a disability plate or hanging placard may park in a marked accessible space in any commuter or staff parking lot.

Accessible parking spaces are exempt from the Winter Parking Ban.

In New Hampshire it is illegal to use a hanging placard issued to another individual who is not entering or exiting the vehicle.

Is there any place else I can park on campus?

In New Hampshire, a vehicle with a current accessible parking plate or placard may park for free at any meter.  This applies to street or UNH lot meters for the full extent of the allowed time if fully paid.

See the Parking web site for all other parking-related questions or give them a call.

How can I tell if a parking space is reserved for people with walking disabilities?

Accessible parking spaces are designated with a sign placed at the head of the parking space.  In most cases, the sign will display a wheelchair, the international symbol of access.  The space itself may also have the wheelchair symbol stenciled on the pavement.  Some signs will also indicate that the space is van accessible; this means that the parking space and access aisle total 16 feet across.

What is an access aisle?

Accessible parking spaces must include an adjacent access aisle.  Some access aisles are 8 feet wide, others are 5 feet wide.  Access aisles are hatched to indicate that they are not parking spaces.  In fact, it is illegal for anyone to park in an access aisle.  This is because the access aisle provides the necessary clearance for an occupant with a disability to swing a door all the way out or to drop a ramp or lift and still have enough space to disembark and turn.

How can I apply for a state issued walking disability plate or placard?

You must apply for walking disability privileges through the NH Department of Motor Vehicles

How can I learn more about New Hampshire accessible parking laws?

See the NH Governor's Commission on Disability website.