TRIO Scholars


TRIO Scholars is a personalized program based on a mutual commitment between the student and TRIO educational counselor with one overarching goal—to create a proactive, student-specific plan to get the most out of the UNH learning experience and to complete a university degree program.

How to apply to be a TRIO Scholar

The application to become a TRIO Scholar is by invitation to eligible incoming students. Invitations will be sent to student's home address before June 2017 orientation. 


TRIO Scholars have access to:

  • A $1000 Scholarship

  • A partnership with an educational counselor dedicated to your personal success

  • A rich array of personalized and group events with other TRIO Scholars

  • Peer mentors and subject area tutors

  • Major and career exploration

  • Money-management and financial aid information

  • Scholarship search assistance

  • Graduate/professional school guidance

Why become a TRIO Scholar?

One of the best ways for you to learn about being a TRIO Scholar is from some of our current scholars. Click on their pictures below to hear what they want you to know.

You’re joining a new community with 14,000 students, thousands of teachers and service providers on a beautiful, sprawling campus with rules, regulations, and high expectations. Every student, regardless of experience or background, can use support in this challenging new environment...and the most successful students actively seek it out.

Some incoming students face a potentially steeper climb, especially if they are the first in their family to go to college. One TRIO Scholar put it this way: “Personally, I did not have family members that could guide me to college and tell me what to expect and what to do. Being part of TRIO, they were that family...”.

CFAR’s team of educational counselors has coached hundreds of first generation college students from day one all the way to graduation. As a TRIO Scholar, you and your educational counselor create a road map for success, drawing on your strengths and developing your skills.  You are also welcomed into a community of mentors, tutors, and fellow TRIO Scholars to join you on a journey of mutual support, hard work, and a wonderfully rich college experience.

Note: NH residents and TRIO alumni (Upward Bound, Educational Talent Search, GEAR UP, VSAC) are given priority  status for acceptance into the program. Federal regulations require that only Pell Grant recipients can receive a scholarship from TRIO Scholars.

“…a great network of people who really care…”
“…I was able to organize my classes and study time…”
“…when I need help, I run to TRIO…”
“…my academic mentor helped me approach my professor…”
“…TRIO provides a good head start on a college career…”
“…TRIO helped me learn the campus in and out…”
“…you can apply for free tutoring…”
“…celebrates my successes and supports me in my challenges…”
“…achieve goals you thought you could never achieve…”
“…my grades have gone up because of TRIO…”