Teaching and Research Scholarships and Grants

Scholarships and Grants for Teaching and Research

For those students interested in teaching or participating in research projects, there may be resources available to provide some financial support.


Interested in Teaching?

  • The TEACH Grant Program is a federally-funded program administered through the UNH Department of Education. For undergraduate/graduate students committed to an elementary or secondary school teaching career -- applicants must meet and adhere to strict program requirements.
  • The NOYCE Teacher Scholarship program provides fellowships for freshmen and sophomores, full tuition for juniors and seniors, and funding for graduate study in teaching K-12 in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Applications due November 1 or March 1.


Interested in Research?

  • The Hamel Center for Undergraduate Research offers an array of student fellowships (grants) and stipends realted to academic year and summer research, study abroad and other academic activities. In many instances, you can earn academic credit and receive a fellowship/stipend.
  • The McNair Graduate Opportunity Program offers academic year internship and summer fellowship experiences for eligible students planning an advanced degree.



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