Stephanie Bernier

information analyst
(603) 862-3657


Stef is a first-generation college student who recently earned her Master's of Educational Studies at UNH with a focus on Assessment, Evaluation, and Policy.  She's a Lean Management Green Belt, Tableau enthusiast, and avid technophile. 

Stef coordinates  program evaluation and reporting for Academic Success units along with some tech support, grant-writing, operations, and communications. Sometimes you'll find her on drop-in duty at CFAR, meeting with students and connecting them with campus resources. She enjoys the diversity her work entails and relishes the opportunity to embrace "other duties not specified" in her wotk at UNH. She's been doing it for about 12 years. 

In her spare time, Stef enjoys kayaking, flower gardening, and caring for Connor, her newly adopted Rhodesian Ridgeback. You've heard of Marley and Me? He's got nothing on Connor!  Stef is hopful that through an abundance of patience and gentle guidance, Connor will either settle  down or at least provide material for a new best-seller!