Physics 401/407

Welcome to the Physics 401/407 resource page! A list of major topics and subtopics are listed below. Click on the blue button to access video tutorials for each topic.  The videos are carefully selected for quality of content, depth of coverage, and alignment with course material.* Use the videos to preview, review, or enhance your understanding of course content.  


SI Units & Conversions

Vectors vs. Scalars

Distance vs. Displacement

Speed vs. Velocity

Frame of Reference

Instantaneous Velocity


Motion Graphs  I

Motion Graphs II

Kinematic Equations

Free Fall (1D)

Kinematic Strategy

Projectile Motion (2D)

Newton's Laws

Normal Forces

Free Body Diagrams

Normal Force in Elevator


Balanced & Unbalanced Forces

Inclined Plane



Problem Solving Strategy


Uniform Circular Motion

Solving Centripetal Force Poblems


Mass vs. Weight

Work, energy & power

Kinetic & Potential Energy



Conservation of Energy

Conservative Forces

Work/Energy Summary

Linear Momentum & collisions

Linear Momentum & Impulse

Elastic/Inelastic Collisions

Force vs. Time Graphs

2D Momentum

rotational kinematics


Rotational Motion

Tangential vs. Angular Units


Angular Momentum

*The topics listed below are commonly covered in college-level introductory physics courses. This list may not be inclusive of all material covered in your class, but will cover the main ideas. Be sure to review topics not covered below on your own and review only the topics listed on your syllabus.


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