Human Anatomy and Physiology BMS 507/508

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The following resources have been carefully selected  to compliment BMS 507 and 508, Human Anatomy and Physiology.  Use smart  study strategies to structure your study plan for these courses, attend CFAR's Survive and Thrive A and P Workshops every Thursday, 2:00-4:00pm via Zoom, and follow along with the videos to enhance your understanding of course material.

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Chaper 21  Blood vessels

Blood Vessels-Form and Function- Crash Course

Blood vessels - Blood Pressure – Crash Course

 Baroreceptors – McGraw Hill

Chemoreceptors – McGraw Hill

Chapter 23  Respiratory system

 Respiratory System Part 1 – Crash Course

 Respiratory System Part 2 – Crash Course

 Respiratory Pathway – Science Art 



Chapter 25 Metabolism and Energetics

Metabolism – Overview


Cellular Respiration, Simplified

Chapters 28 & 29 Reproduction, Menstruation, Pregnancy

 Male Reproductive System – Overview

Male Reproductive System – Hormonal Function and Regulation

Female Reproductive System – Overview

Female Reproductive System – Hormonal Function and Menstrual Cycle

Female Reproductive System – Oogenesis

Reproduction and Fertilization

Pregnancy and Development

Chapter 22  Lymphatic and Immune System

Lymphatic System – Crash Course

 Immune System - Innate Immunity – Crash Course

 Immune System - Adaptive Immunity – Crash Course

 Immune System - Cell-mediated Immune Response

Chapter 24  Digestive system

Digestion – Overview

Ingestion to Stomach

The Intestines

 Accessory Organ Overview

 Digestive Hormones

Chapters 26 & 27  Renal and Urinary Systems

The Kidneys

Urine Production and The Bladder

Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System

Renal System – Tubular Reabsorption an Secretion