CFAR Staff

CFAR Professional Staff

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Dani Adler, Associate Director (, 603-862-3688

Stephanie Bernier, Administrative Coordinator (, 603-862-3698

Erica Brasley,  Educational Counselor  (, 603-862-3698

Keller Magenau, Director (, 603-862-3698

Randy Schroeder, STEM & Graduate Services Coordinator (, 603-862-3687

Christine Zaimes, Educational Counselor and Coordinator (, 603-862-3689 

Danelis Ajaezi, TRIO Scholars Coordinator (, 603-862-3690 

CFAR Student Staff

CFAR employs over 70 students who work in a variety of leadership roles to support their peers' academic success. Students work as academic mentors, tutors, Rising Scholar leaders, and office assistants.