Affording College

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TRIO Scholars get help affording college

Eligible TRIO Scholars have an opportunity to earn a $1000 scholarship to help fund their sophomore and junior year at UNH.  The only requirements are participation,  a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 at the end of the year, and a plan to return to UNH in the fall.

Scholarship Search programs for TRIO students provide devoted time spent looking for and applying for scholarships within and outside UNH, with guidance from TRIO staff.

FAFSA Tips for TRIO Students allow TRIO Scholars to file the FAFSA with expert assistance from UNH Financial Aid staff.

Money Management resources help TRIO students understand the ins and outs of managing their money, beginning as a first-year student, throughout their time at UNH, and beyond.

Exit Loan Counseling for graduating seniors, to help them on the right track to loan repay ment.