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Child Mental Health Problems as Risk Factors for Victimization
Turner, H. A., Finkelhor, D., & Ormrod, R. K. Child Maltreatment.
2010 Polyvictimization, Statistics Paper
Child pornography possessors: Trends in offender and case characteristics
Wolak, J., Finkelhor, D., & Mitchell, K. (2010). Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment, 23(1): 22-42. (CV204)
2010 Technology/Internet Victimization Paper
Conceptualizing juvenile prostitution as child maltreatment: Findings from the national juvenile prostitution survey
Mitchell, K.J., Finkelhor, D., & Wolak, J. Child Maltreatment, 15(1): 18-36. (CV186)
2010 Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children Paper
Disasters, victimization and children’s mental health.
Becker-Blease, K., Turner, H.A., & Finkelhor, D. Child Development, 81(4): 1040-1052. (CV190)
2010 General Child Victimization, JVQ Paper
How are we measuring resilience following childhood maltreatment? Is the research adequate and consistent? What is the impact on research, practice, and policy?
Walsh, W.A., Dawson, J., & Mattingly, M.J. Trauma, Violence & Abuse, 11(1): 27-41. (CV215)
2010 Impacts of Child Victimization Paper
Infant victimization in a nationally representative sample
Turner, H., Finkelhor, D., Ormrod, R., & Hamby, S. Pediatrics, 126(1): 44-52. (CV199)
2010 Exposure to Domestic Violence, General Child Victimization, JVQ Paper
Non-offending caregiver and youth experiences with child sexual abuse investigations
Jones, L.M., Atoro, K.E., Cross, T.P., Walsh, W.A., Shadoin, A., & Magnuson, S. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 25(2): 291-314. (CV125)
2010 Child Advocacy Centers Paper
Poly-victimization in a national sample of children & youth
This paper hypothesizes that a more complete assessment of the number of different victimization types to which children are exposed will reveal a gro...
2010 Exposure to Domestic Violence, General Child Victimization, JVQ, Polyvictimization Paper
Prosecuting child sexual abuse: The importance of evidence type
Walsh, W., Jones, L.M., Cross, T.P., & Lippert, T. Crime & Delinquency, 56(3): 436-454. (CV175)
2010 Child Advocacy Centers Paper
Protecting victims' identities in press coverage of child victimization
Jones, L.M., Finkelhor, D., & Beckwith, J. Journalism, 11(3): 347-367.
2010 Privacy Paper