Financial Clearance

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Before students are officially enrolled for the current semester, their accounts must be financially clear. Accounts are not considered financially clear until all financial obligations are met and payments are up-to-date.

There are three levels of clearance status:

Financially Cleared - All present obligations have been satisfied for the semester. However, if any new balances occur, they must be paid by the due dates listed on monthly billing statements.

Provisionally Cleared - All obligations for the semester may be satisfied, but there are certain financial items that could require further action. All balances owed to the TMS monthly payment plan must be paid by the payment due dates. Anticipated financial aid may require student follow-up but the student's status is not jeopardized, and the student is not restricted from utilizing university services. Students with Provisionally Cleared status are not required to attend Financial Clearance in Stoke Hall at the beginning of the semester.

Financially Unclear - Immediate action on financial obligations and payments is required to become financially cleared for the semester. These obligations may include paying a remaining balance, completing entrance counseling, or signing a loan note or a scholarship check. Students who are financially unclear must come to UNH Business Services during Financial Clearance at the beginning of each semester to fulfill any outstanding requirements.

Students' accounts must be financially clear before they will be allowed to utilize full benefits, including use of athletic facilities, tickets to athletic events, or adding/dropping courses. Students whose accounts remain financially unclear will be dropped from classes by the third Thursday in the semester and may be liable for interest and collection costs for outstanding balances.

Check your clearance status on your account through Webcat.