Account Changes

Making changes to your student account? Please refer to the list below.

To waive or enroll in the UNH Student Health Benefits Plan, please complete the Health Insurance Waiver/Enrollment Form.

Adding or changing a meal plan? Link to Meal Plan Changes

NOTE: Student login credentials must be used to access the meal plan form.  Parent Portal logins will not work for this purpose.

If the student has a scholarship coming from outside of UNH, please forward the scholarship check to Business Services promptly. If the student has received an award letter from the donor, please enclose that with the check to help ensure the funds are posted accurately. If the check is made payable to the student, it should be endorsed with the following statement: “Pay to the Order of UNH”, then the student’s signature.  Non-university scholarship funds will not be credited to student accounts until the checks have been delivered to Business Services.


                                                              UNH Business Services
                                                              11 Garrison Avenue
                                                              Durham, NH 03824

Is the student taking a loan that doesn’t appear on the account?  Please forward a copy of the loan application or other documentation to Business Services.  Be sure to include the expected loan amount for the semester.

Important – remove or black out Social Security number if it appears on the loan application. Please use the following link to E-mail Loan Documents to Business Services.

To decline a loan or part of a loan that appears on the student’s account please complete the Loan Adjustment Form and forward to Financial Aid at or fax to 603-862-1947.

If the student’s account will be paid through a third party organization or sponsorship such as an employer, Veteran’s Benefits or Voc Rehab, please provide authorization on official letterhead from the sponsoring organization prior to the payment deadline date. This option is available for degree students only. Third party sponsorships are not accepted for non-degree students. Please use the following link to E-mail Third Party Authorization documentation (note: please do not include student's Social Security Number if e-mailing)

The student will be using a USNH Staff or Dependent Tuition Waiver. These are now completed in WISE. Please have the employee use the following link to complete the form on WISE.

For graduate assistants who will be receiving graduate tuition waivers: If waivers do not appear when expected, students should contact their departments to be sure waiver information has been entered.

Please note:  It may take until October 1 (Fall) or March 1 (Spring) for tuition waivers to post to your student account.  Student late fees are not applied during this time.

Less than full-time credit hours?  If the student has been billed full-time charges but intends to be part-time for the semester please use this email link to indicate the number of expected credits for the semester. Part-Time Student E-mail Link

  • Full-Time Undergraduate = 12-20 credits
  • Full-Time Graduate Student = 9-16 credits

Taking a leave of absence or withdrawing from UNH?  Contact the Registrar’s Office to request an official withdrawal/leave of absence form. Call them at (603) 862-1500 or email

If you have questions or cannot find the form you require, please contact us:
UNH Business Services
11 Garrison Avenue
Durham, NH 03824
Phone: 603-862-2230
Fax: 603-862-2626