Driver License for NON-US Citizens

Getting a New Hampshire Driver's License

For a driver's license, all non-us applicants must take a full test (vision, knowledge, and road test) at the concord DMV unless you are transferring an out-of-state, u.s. Territory, Canadian or french license not expired for more than one year.
the knowledge test is available at all DMV locations in English, French, and Spanish.  interpreters for all languages except French and Spanish are permitted to interpret the knowledge test at the concord DMV only.

What you should know...

The Non-US Citizen office establishes driver license policies, procedures, and requirements for Non-US Citizens who are temporarily in New Hampshire or who applied for permanent residency. RSA 263:39-a.
A Non-US Citizen must appear in Concord for the first time when applying for a driver's license or non-driver identification card.
Non-US Citizens who have established residency in New Hampshire should review the requirements for a Permanent Resident Employment Authorization Card.
Non-US Citizens who hold a student or work Visa should review the requirements for Non-US Citizens temporarily residing in New Hampshire.

RSA 263:39-a

The Director of Motor Vehicles may issue a New Hampshire driver’s license to a nonresident alien who is living in New Hampshire or a temporary basis:
For the purpose of attending a public or private educational institution which has a regular faculty, curriculum and organized body of pupils or students in attendance and is enrolled in such education institution;
For the purpose of engaging in lawful employment, occupational or business activity, and is engaged in such activity.
The Director of Motor Vehicles may require any of the following:
Social Security Number.
Written or other testing.
Proof of identification as may be acceptable.
Proof of previous vehicle operation in the foreign country or proof of completion of an approved driver education course acceptable to the Director.


Driver licenses from another state in the US, Canada or France are transferable without testing as long as the license is valid, or expired less than one year. If you are providing a license from your home country, you will be required to pass a full examination (vision, knowledge, and road tests) and provide a copy of your driving record/history from your home country within sixty (60) days of receiving your temporary license.
If you are unable to get an official driving record from your home county, police, criminal or insurance letter may be provided proving that your home country driver license is NOT under suspension. A notarized translation is required if these documents are not in English. Please note that an International Driving Permit is NOT acceptable for this requirement.
Applicants who cannot provide a valid home country driver license or a valid US driver license, or under the age of 18, will be required to complete an approved New Hampshire Driver Education course.

For more information or help:

Department of Safety
DMV Non-US Citizen Office
23 Hazen Drive
Concord, NH 03305
(603) 227-4175

Office of International Students
Thompson Hall 105 Main Street
Durham, NH 03824
(603) 862-1288