Support Services Division

The Support Services Division of the UNH Police Department employs several professional Campus Service Officers (CSO) and multiple work-study cadet officers. Each full-time officer attends the mandatory New Hampshire College and University Campus Security Academy. Along with this, both full and part-time cadet officers attend various in-service training through out the year.

If you are a student and would like further information about working for Support Services you may stop by the University Police Department to pick-up an application.

Although, UNH Campus Service Officers do not have police authority; however, they work very closely with University Police Officers. All officers have direct communication with the UNH-Communications Center that provides a connection to Police, Fire and Emergency Medical Units.

University Campus Service Officers are on duty to assist members of the University community. They provide authorized access to University buildings after hours, securing of campus buildings, assisting in room lock-outs as well as building security checks.

Security and Access to Campus Facilities

The University community is made up of a variety of facilities, primarily academic and administrative buildings and student residences. In the daytime, there is a majority of open access to academic and administrative offices, with the exception of recreation facilities which may require a membership. Academic and administrative offices are secured by members of the Support Services Division at the conclusion of their business hours.

Students and staff who have keys to buildings for after-hours work must lock the doors behind them after they enter and are encouraged to follow all safety precautions. Do NOT prop doors open and if you see a door propped after hours, close it. When doors to residence halls are locked, don't permit anyone other than your guest to enter the building. If you see a suspicious person in any University buildings you should contact the University Police Department at (603) 862-1427.

Security Escort Program


The Support Services Division of the UNH Police Department coordinates the Security Escort Service. This service is a walking escort service provided free of charge to members and visitors of the University community.

Police and Security will perform escorts to and from on-campus locations for anyone. Your first call however should be to UNH Transportation Services at (603) 862-2328. Campus shuttles operate on-campus and run throughout the night. In the event that the shuttle is not operating, Security will give a walking escort to and from on-campus locations. The number to get a walking escort is (603) 862-1427