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Rising Above The Crowd

Undergraduates at UNH are leading their own research project sand publishing the data and results, sometimes before they even graduate. Read More

Recent Stories

  • Professor Chris Glynn poses in a Paul College classroom
    - New Understanding of Homelessness
    A researcher connects a chronic urban problem with escalating rents. Read More
  • 700 MHz nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer
    - Major Magnetism
    UNH is set to receive a multimillion-dollar nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrometer, which will enhance research capabilities and establish a regional NMR facility in... Read More
  • NSF Career Award Laura Dietz
    - A Smarter Search
    Millions of people utilize search engines every day to get answers to an array of questions, but the results don’t always reflect the comprehensive nature of the search inquiry.... Read More
  • Betsy Carter, Assistant Professor of Political Science
    - Raising the Glass
    A Fulbright Scholar studies the impact of politics and cooperation on the value of wine. Read More
  • Students hold up their country's flags next to white rocket and snow-capped peaks nearby.
    - Rocket Power
    Students traveled to Norway to take part in a rocket launch that carried their sampling equipment into the upper atmosphere.  Read More
  • Skin of the longfin squid
    - Skin Secrets
    We’re one step closer to clothing and cosmetics that can change color and pattern in response to their surroundings, thanks in part to new research from Feixia Chu and Matthew... Read More
  • Arctic mountains and sea with text "the Arctic is melting. Is it time to panic?"
    - Melting Arctic
    An international panel of researchers, including UNH's Larry Mayer and Nancy Kinner, will discuss Arctic change and melting. Read More
  • Assistant Professor of Finance Zhaozhao He posing in hallway
    - The Cash to Compete
    Companies look to lock in talent and send a message to would-be poachers. Read More
  • Associate Professor of Accounting Catherine Plante and Assistant Professor of Accounting Linda Ragland pose outside of Paul College
    - Do Nonprofit Hospitals Earn Their Tax Breaks?
    Paul College researchers answer “yes,” but suggest many could do more. Read More
  • Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior Michael Kukenberger posing next to railing
    - Teams Matter
    Teams are replacing hierarchies, and shared leadership is emerging as the key driver in many teams’ success. Read More