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Vine full of kiwiberries

Fingerprinting Kiwiberries

A new partnership between UNH and Hartmann's Plant Company in Michigan aims to ensure that every bite of a kiwiberry is as delicious as the next one, a level of product control essential to growing the commercial kiwiberry market. Read More

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    - Getting Dirty
    Two major federal grants are supporting UNH research on soils and climate change. Read More
  • Alicia Chevoor at Durham Farmers' Market
    - Sampling a Superfruit
    The Durham Farmers' Market is typically quiet on a rainy afternoon, but on a recent Monday, it was abuzz. Customers were sampling a new fruit: the kiwiberry. That’s right. The... Read More
  • dry stream bed with scientific sensor in the middle
    - Parched
    Some researchers at UNH have found the record drought has changed the way they can conduct research. Read More
  • A cow at UNH's Fairchild Dairy
    - Call of the Cows
    It’s the middle of the night, and doctoral student Kayla Aragona has just received a text alert at home on her cell phone from a cow in labor at the UNH Fairchild Dairy Teaching... Read More
  • Nathalie Diagne of Senegal  and Louis S. Tisa, a researcher with the NH Agricultural Experiment Station
    - Salt of the Earth
    Salt left behind from ocean spray is so concentrated on land in parts of Africa that one can see salt crystals in the soil sparkling in the sun. For farmers in these areas, the... Read More
  • cows
  • Lilacs at Woodman Farm at UNH
    - Remembering Professor Rogers
    Owen Maurice Rogers, professor emeritus of plant biology in the College of Life Sciences and Agriculture, passed away on May 24 at the age of 85. Read More
  • UNH-developed pumping varieties
    - Garden Time
    Shockwave, a new cantaloupe, is one of nine new UNH-developed cucurbit varieties now commercially available. (Courtesy photo) Gardeners getting ready to plant their fruits and... Read More
  • UNH's Becky Sideman with peppers
    - Profitable Peppers
    UNH researchers have found that many varieties of bell peppers grown in high tunnels produced excellent, high-quality fruit. Read More
  • Wooded area at Thompson Farm
    - Stopping Spring Showers
    Researchers with the NH Agricultural Experiment Station at the University of New Hampshire have launched a multi-year project to investigate how droughts may impact Northern... Read More