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UNH space physics professor Noe Lugaz

Space Weather Editor

Noé Lugaz, research associate professor of physics and astronomy, is the new editor-in-chief of the journal Space Weather,. Read More

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  • Researchers and aerospace industry representatives at UNH
    - Not Rocket Science
    UNH’s first-ever Aerospace and Defense Technology Day on Nov. 4 was part open house, part show-and-tell, part speed dating — and, according to the organizers, full success. The... Read More
  • Ruth Varner and student working in the field
    - Ruth Varner Honored by American Geophysical Union for Student Mentoring
    Ruth Varner has been awarded the American Geophysical Union’s 2015 Sulzman Award for Excellence in Education and Mentoring. Varner ‘93G ‘00G is associate professor of... Read More
  • UNH Project SMART participants launching scientific balloon
    - Riding High
    Project SMART high school students steady their scientific balloon as it fills with helium prior to launch. (Photo: Devin Thomas, University of British Columbia)Near space is the... Read More
  • Pope Francis
    - The Winds of (Climate) Change
    On Thursday, June 18, 2015, Pope Francis made history in an encyclical — a papal letter that is distributed to all bishops in the Roman Catholic Church — entitled “Laudato Si,” in... Read More
  • Cosmic Rays
    - Sun Screening
    It could be the subject of a science fiction B movie: Space travelers to Mars bombarded by cosmic rays. But it’s science fact, the primary finding of major research out of UNH’s... Read More
  • Harlan Spence
    - Mr. Spence Goes to Washington
    UNH astrophysicist Harlan E. Spence was one of four panelists at a Capitol Hill briefing Tuesday, March 24, on “super storms” that can have profound effects on America's economy,... Read More
  • satelites in space
    - Space Quartet
    Ten years ago, UNH physics professor Roy Torbert knew that when the university’s Space Science Center (SSC) was awarded a very large role in NASA’s ambitious, four-spacecraft... Read More
  • Firebird 3 in space
    - A Radiation Belt Twofer
    This illustration shows the FIREBIRD-II CubeSats in low-Earth orbit and the Van Allen Probes further out in the heart of the radiation belt region. (Background illustration... Read More
  • Danielle Grogan
    - A River Runs Through It: Ph.D. Candidate Studies the Hydrologic-Human Cycle
    UNH Ph.D. candidate Danielle Grogan's scientific career was cemented by her undergraduate research experience at Smith College, where she majored in mathematics and minored in... Read More
  • Claire Treat
    - Carbon Bomb with a Long Fuse: Ph.D. Student Makes Key Finding in the Climate Change Puzzle
    Claire Treat funded the bulk of her Ph.D. work by winning a graduate fellowship from the Department of Energy Office of Science for her proposal titled "Future of soil carbon in... Read More