Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space (EOS)

tall blades of kelp seaweed in the Gulf of Maine

Climate Change and Turf Seaweed Causing “Patchy” Seascape

The effects of climate change are becoming more apparent, from the rapidly warming Gulf of Maine to more frequent and severe storms and the increase of invasive turf seaweed. UNH researchers have found that these environmental developments are contributing to the transformation of the seafloor to a... Read More

Recent Stories

  • white pines
    - Touchdown in the Ozone
    One-hundred-foot-tall white pine by the Soucook River in Loudon, NH. Photo courtesy of Phil Browne. Until this past February, Barry Rock had no idea that over twenty years of... Read More
  • students on moore fields tower
    - State of Flux
    Lucie Lepine and Frankie Sullivan on the Moore Fields tower preparing for instrument installation. Photo by Andrew Ouimette, UNH-EOS. Since 2003, the Bartlett Experimental Forest... Read More
  • Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter at the moon
    - Luna Tunes
    Artist's rendition of the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter at the moon. The CRaTER telescope is seen pointing out at the bottom right center of the LRO spacecraft. Illustration by... Read More
  • faculty members of supercomputer team
    - UNH Celebrates First-in-the-State Supercomputing Capabilities
    From left to right, Bernie Vasquez, Kai Germaschewski, Gregory Chini (front), Jimmy Raeder, Benjamin Chandran, John Gibson, and Patrick Messer. Photo by Kristi Donahue, UNH-EOS.... Read More
  • larry mayer on marine vessel
    - UNH Launches School of Marine Science and Ocean Engineering
    Larry Mayer is the director of the University of New Hampshire’s new School of Marine Science and Ocean Engineering. Mayer, a professor of Earth science and ocean engineering, is... Read More
  • alaska mountains
    - Seven Hundred Feet Down, a Thousand Years Back
    UNH, Dartmouth College, UMaine ice core drill site on the Mt. Hunter plateau in Denali National Park, Alaska. The drill site is in the middle of the photograph, just left of the... Read More
  • ocean buoy
    - The Yin and Yang of Coastal Carbon
    UNH carbon dioxide sentinel buoy off Appledore Island after January 2013 Nor'easter. Photo by Shawn Shellito, UNH-EOS. Back in the spring of 2004, when the Center for Coastal... Read More
  • interstellar gas clouds around the solar system
    - IBEX: The Little Satellite That Could
    This image shows the nearest interstellar gas clouds around the solar system, including the Local Interstellar Cloud (LIC) and G Cloud, along with positions of neighboring stars... Read More
  • Ecohydrologist Heidi Asbjornsen
    - Linking Water with the Landscape
    Ecohydrologist Heidi Asbjornsen adds a vital new dimension to Earth Systems Research Center work and brings experience to UNH’s nascent agro-ecosystems research. Read More
  • solar orbiter satellite
    - In the Hot Seat
    The Solar Orbiter mission, with a UNH instrument on board, will use a series of gravitational slingshots around Venus to get closer to the sun than ever before. Read More