Hamel Center for Undergraduate Research

The Whittemore Center full of  students with their poster presentations

There's No Stopping Research

Twenty-one years ago, the inaugural UNH Undergraduate Research Conference fielded the work of some 159 students over the course of two days. Last year, on the 20th anniversary of the event, that number had swelled to more than 2,000 students from all majors and spanned 13 days.   Read More

Recent Stories

  • Studnet reading poster at Undergraduate Research Conference
    - UNH Research Days
    More than 1,300 undergraduates are showcasing their research results at multiple events during the Undergraduate Research Conference this week and next. Online URC schedule and ... Read More
  • Kevin McAleese
    - Reflecting on Four Years
    Each year since 2007, a handful of students have graduated from UNH a bit richer than anticipated due to the generosity of Dana Hamel, whose Hamel Scholarships Program distributes... Read More
  • kate cart
    - Cloudy With a Chance of Copepods
    Remember summer? While you pull on your winter boots and zip up your parka, allow us to take you back to the dog days, when Katherine Cart ’15 was in Walpole, Maine, studying some... Read More
  • President Mark W. Huddleston
    - The View from T-Hall: An Extraordinary Legacy
    When Dana Hamel and I met for lunch in Durham on a beautiful day this fall and looked over the profiles of 15 brilliant UNH students, we joked that neither of us would have... Read More
  • sarah wiggins sitting on colorful steps
    - Exploring Agritourism in Chile
    When Sarah Wiggins ‘15 was conducting research in Talca, Chile, this past summer she met an 83-year-old woman whose education had stopped after only three years. She raises cattle... Read More
  • julianneshimer holding up artwork created by youth
    - Worth a Thousand Words
    Julianne Shimer ’15 spent her summer in Dublin, Ireland, analyzing the drawings of disadvantaged youth. She was there as a summer staff member in the Trinity College Nursing and... Read More
  • Professor Lucy Salyer and Joe Juknievich
    - History Major Scares Up Consequences of Red Scare
    Associate professor Lucy Salyer and Joseph Juknievich  Joseph Juknievich ’16 was assisting a UNH history professor with research for her upcoming book when he came upon the... Read More
  • laura van beaver
    - Science Can Be Slow – Like Brewing a Good Cup of Tea
    Laura Van Beaver makes notes about her research on how to engineer a better cup of decaffeinated tea. Tea drinkers will tell you it can be hard to find a really good... Read More
  • erika moretti with hand in marine tank
    - How I Spent My Summer Vacation: Studying Crustaceans in Great Bay
    Last summer, Erika Moretti ’15 was on a lobster boat on Great Bay helping a UNH researcher pull lobster traps for an annual survey when they found a blue crab in one of the pots.... Read More
  • student studying carpenter bees
    - A Bee on the Brink
    What’s going on inside your rose stems might surprise you. Open one up and you might find an insect, or two or three, in various stages of growth, nestled within the walls. The... Read More