Hamel Center for Undergraduate Research

The Whittemore Center full of  students with their poster presentations

There's No Stopping Research

Twenty-one years ago, the inaugural UNH Undergraduate Research Conference fielded the work of some 159 students over the course of two days. Last year, on the 20th anniversary of the event, that number had swelled to more than 2,000 students from all majors and spanned 13 days.   Read More

Recent Stories

  • Megan Duranko '17 and Professor Sergios Charntikov discuss research data
    - Stressed Out and Vulnerable
    Megan Duranko '17 and professor Sergios Charntikov discuss research data. Read More
  • UNH student Garrett Thompson
    - The Cancer Detective
    A UNH senior won top prize for his cancer research at a UK conference. Read More
  • UNH graduate student Samantha Brand '17
    - Through Her Eyes
    UNH grad student’s autism research hits home. Read More
  • UNH student Yusuf Ebrahim '17
    - Anti-Cancer
    Yusuf Ebrahim '17 has been working in professor Charles Walker’s lab this summer to find out how two anti-cancer agents affect a certain type of leukemia. Read More
  • UNH student Madison Schaefer
    - Out of the Light
    “Our fantastic civilization has fallen out of touch with many aspects of nature, and with none more completely than with night.” So Henry Beston’s acclaimed work, “The Outermost... Read More
  • Isabelle Beagen '18
    - Changing Minds
    Falling for Ibsen  When Isabelle Beagen '18 read “A Doll’s House” by Henrik Ibsen in her freshman theatre history course, she fell in love.  “Ibsen is a writer in which every prop... Read More
  • Kim Celona working on extracting DNA
    - Going to Bat for Bats
    In the winter of 2006, colonies of bats hibernating in Albany, New York, began dying from a disease commonly known as white-nose syndrome because of the powdery looking fungus... Read More
  • moon raker model
    - To the Moon and Back
    Tamir Blum ’16 is a mechanical engineering major who has thought about one day working with robots. Or maybe for a company whose focus is outer space. Either way, he’s got a... Read More
  • Christina DiMeo ’18
    - Sophomore Gets Hands On With Conservation Genetics
    Name: Christina DiMeo '18 (University Honors Program) College: Life Sciences and AgricultureMajor: Genetics Hometown: Absecon, New Jersey
 Award: REAP (Research Experience and... Read More
  • Drummer at UNH Undergraduate Research Conference event
    - Creativity Exposed
    Dominic Ryder '15 has been analyzing the work of Iannis Xenakis, the late Greek-French composer. He presented his research findings on Thursday at Naked Arts: Creativity Exposed,... Read More