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Close-up of southern pine beetle

Pine Pests

UNH researchers Jeff Garnas, associate professor of forest ecosystem health, and Ph.D. student Caroline Kanaskie discovered the damaging southern pine beetle in New Hampshire and Maine. Read More

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  • Tamara Marcus smiles at the camera wearing an orange printed top
    - Making Climate Connections
    Tamara Marcus researching methane emissions from permafrost in northern Sweden. Photo by Ruth Varner.Tamara Marcus, a graduate student in UNH’s Natural Resources and Earth System... Read More
  • Sustained Generosity
    - Sustained Generosity
    On May 30, members of the university's Lifetime Giving Societies were celebrated for what they make possible at UNH during the All Hail event held at the Dimond Library. The event... Read More
  • Flooded road blocked with yellow tape and "high water" sign
    - Pounding the Pavement
    New research from UNH shows that thicker asphalt could extend the life cycle of roads — and save money — as the effects of climate change stress them. Read More
  • Four horseshoe crabs partially submerged near shoreline
    - Crabs in Peril
    New research from UNH has found that horseshoe crabs, whose blue blood is harvested by the biomedical industry for its unique ability to test devices and injectable drugs for... Read More
  • Mapping the ocean's floor, here and abroad (Union Leader)
  • Drew Stevens stands in front of large computer screens.
    - A New View
    Drew Stevens masters the art of displaying scientific data in a way that people can understand. Read More
  • Uncrewed surface vessel (USV), SEA-KIT MAXLIMER, that pairs with an autonomous underwater vehicle to map the seafloor remotely.
    - UNH Alumni Team Wins XPRIZE
    A team of UNH alumni has won the Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE, a global competition to advance deep-sea technologies for ocean floor exploration. Read More
  • UNH Celebrates Largest Ever Class of Doctoral Graduates
    - UNH Celebrates Largest Ever Class of Doctoral Graduates
    The Graduate School held its annual Doctoral Luncheon the day before commencement, but this year, there was yet another reason to celebrate: it was the largest ever class of... Read More
  • booklets on films
    - 600 Films by June 10
    Lara Valentina Pozzobon da Costa will be watching at least 600 films during the first part of her summer break – and she’s inviting other graduate students to join her. Lara... Read More
  • Diversity Hall of Fame Inductees
    - 2019 Diversity Hall of Fame
    Five UNH Graduate School alumni are among the recent inductees . Read More