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A snow-covered mountain near a body of water and autumn foliage in the foreground.

Converging on Climate Science

A new graduate traineeship program will help students expand their climate research skills while working closely with Arctic Indigenous people.  Read More

Recent Stories

  • Close-up image of North American carpenter bee on black background
    - What’s the Buzz?
    A new study looks at the "almost-social" North American carpenter bee to better understand how honeybees evolved such complex social lives. Read More
  • Cybersecurity Spotlight: CPRM Graduate Brenden Collins '16, '19G
    - Cybersecurity Spotlight: CPRM Graduate Brenden Collins '16, '19G
    Brenden Collins '16, ’19G became interested in cybersecurity during his time in the U.S. Navy, in which he served within the Intelligence and Cryptology communities. After earning... Read More
  • The Dissertation: Nobody Gets Here Alone
    - The Dissertation: Nobody Gets Here Alone
    The dissertation. A four-syllable word that signifies years of classes, research, field work, and of course, writing. From the outside, this can seem like a pretty daunting task,... Read More
  • Highly Cited
    - Highly Cited
    Two UNH faculty members — professor of sociology David Finkelhor and professor of natural resources Serita Frey — are among the Web of Science Group’s 2019 Highly Cited... Read More
  • Reclaiming STEM: East Coast Edition
    - Reclaiming STEM: East Coast Edition
    “The day was one of excitement, vulnerability, and empowerment with over 70 participants and speakers,” said Tamara Marcus, Ph.D. student in UNH’s Natural Resources and Earth... Read More
  • Two male paleontologists collect rocks on a dusty hillside
    - Fossil Bonanza
    UNH researchers contributed to a major study that shows how life on Earth rebounded after an asteroid wiped out dinosaurs 66 million years ago. Read More
  • Thompson Hall and fall trees seen from above
    - Communicating Scholarship
    UNH’s second annual Research Communications Academy (RCA), scheduled for spring semester 2020, is now accepting applications. Read More
  • Alley Leach and Jenn Andrews from UNH Sustainability Institute hold their UNH Innovator of the Year trophy
    - Innovating Campus Sustainability
    Jennifer Andrews ’02, ’08G and Allison Leach ’18G of the UNH Sustainaibility Institute (UNHSI) have been named the 2019 J. Brent Loy Innovators of the Year. Read More
  • Student in orange helmet perched on edge of rock, about to rappel down
    - For Teens, Outdoors Is Greater
    A new study from UNH has found that adventure therapy is less expensive and more effecitve than traditional therapy. Read More
  • Overhead shot of Thompson Hall with fall foliage
    - CoRE Support
    Interdisciplinary research projects receive support. Read More