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  • Flooded road with hazard sign in front
    - Road Scholars
    Rising groundwater can flood roads up to two miles from the ocean, new research from UNH has found. On New Hampshire’s Seacoast, rising seas could cause flooded roads in... Read More
  • Nancy Kineer showers in safety shower
    - Good, Clean (Safe) Fun: Professor Showers for Lab Safety
    Lab safety took a zany, soggy turn Tuesday, when the Environmental Research Group tapped Nancy Kinner, professor of civil and environmental engineering, for a hands-on... Read More
  • Meet the “Godfather of UV Disinfection”
    - Meet the “Godfather of UV Disinfection”
    James Malley is the Davison Professor of Environmental Engineering and Director of the Environmental Research Group at the University of New Hampshire. He won the 2013 Excellence... Read More