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Racism In Science

There is data that supports the racism that’s at play when more Black people than white are stopped while driving. Or denied housing in an area despite the fact that redlining became illegal in 1968. Or are wrongfully killed by police. Read More

Recent Stories

  • GERMS 101
    - GERMS 101
    It’s not that Davida Margolin had a crystal ball or whatever one might need to predict the future when she was preparing to teach this semester. It’s all right there in the... Read More
  • From Farm-to-Fork to Hunger
    - From Farm-to-Fork to Hunger
    Alexandra Papadakis ’21 has long been interested in food. When she started at UNH, she thought that interest would take her in the direction of how it’s grown, harvested, marketed... Read More
  • Listeria Found in Wild Gray Foxes in New Hampshire
    - Listeria Found in Wild Gray Foxes in New Hampshire
    Listeria has been found in two New Hampshire wild gray foxes by investigators at the New Hampshire Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory at the University of New Hampshire. A zoonotic... Read More
  • Learn How to Grow Melons in Your Garden
    - Learn How to Grow Melons in Your Garden
    Vine-ripened cantaloupe are delicious, yet few New Hampshire gardeners grow them. Come learn virtually about proven tips and solutions for growing great melons including how to... Read More
  • student in COVID-19 testing lab
    - Put To The Test
    When professor Kelley Thomas turned on the lights in the COVID-19 testing lab on a recent Monday morning, he says there are no words to describe what he felt. Read More
  • Tamara Marcus holding a banner during protest march
    - A Movement Not A Moment
    Tamara Marcus knows that if there isn’t a way to address a problem, you find one. A Ph.D. candidate at UNH, Marcus helped cofound the Advocates for Social Justice in Cedar Rapids... Read More
  • Creating a Workforce
    - Creating a Workforce
    UNH will engage middle and high school teachers and students in Manchester, Nashua, Portsmouth, Dover and Barrington as well as Lawrence, Mass., to develop a pipeline to support... Read More
  • COLSA Dean Anthony Davis
    - Taking on Big Challenges
    Anthony S. Davis bought a house in New Hampshire, sight unseen, when he joined UNH as dean of the College of Life Sciences and Agriculture.   Read More
  • Ruth Varner in Stordalen Mire in Sweden
    - Emerging Science
    UNH will receive $3.6 million to examine the climate change effect on ecosystems.  Read More
  • UNH Researcher to Develop New Gene Editing Tools
    - UNH Researcher to Develop New Gene Editing Tools
    A researcher at the University of New Hampshire has received a USDA grant to develop new gene editing tools that could help scientists unravel how certain bacteria—which were... Read More