Political Science

Ronelle Tsheila '21

Early Activism

Ronelle Tshiela ’21 has a friend who never drives with anything in his pockets. He keeps his license and registration on the dashboard so if he gets stopped by the police he doesn’t have to reach anywhere they can’t see. And that’s in New Hampshire. “The fear is most definitely present here,”... Read More

Recent Stories

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    - Reflecting on Four Years
    Each year since 2007, a handful of students have graduated from UNH a bit richer than anticipated due to the generosity of Dana Hamel, whose Hamel Scholarships Program distributes... Read More
  • Richard O. Wasson '95
    - In Memoriam—Richard O. Wasson '95
      When he received his bachelor’s degree in 1995, Richard Wasson was 71 years old, the oldest person in UNH history to earn an undergraduate degree. He majored in political... Read More
  • patricia donahue in brazil
    - A Study Buddy in Brazil
    "It's been really easy to teach skills to these kids, because I used those skills all the time when I was a student at UNH. They seem like second nature to me," says Patricia... Read More
  • jasmin cesko
    - Homelands
    Jasmin Cesko’s earliest memories are of huddling in Bosnian bomb shelters in his mother’s arms while his father fought on the frontlines. Cesko, a Muslim, was born in 1991. When... Read More
  • jeffrey bolster and daniel zotos
    - Survival, a Fish Story
    Jeffrey Bolster and Daniel Zotos by the commercial fishing pier in Portsmouth, N.H. (Photo: Lisa Nugent)For two months during the summer of 2013, Daniel Zotos waited at docks in... Read More
  • vinny mwano
    - For Congolese Native, Education is Everything
    Every student who comes to UNH has a story. Few carry with them memories of gunfire. Vinny Mwano does, faintly now because it’s been 14 years since the UNH junior left behind his... Read More
  • lizzy barker
    - Lizzy Barker ’14
    English Teaching and Political Science double major Eliot, Maine What made you want to choose this course of study? Read More
  • jennie sowers with book cover
    - Insights on Egypt
    Jeannie Sowers, associate professor of political science at UNH, has conducted extensive research in and on Egypt and the Middle East. She is the editor of “The Journey to Tahrir... Read More
  • study abroad students in moscow
    - The Art of Travel
    This January Term, three study abroad programs will provide the focus for students to see and experience new cultures to the fullest – be it in Costa Rica, Rome, or Moscow. Read More
  • andy smith
    - UNH Hosts Post-Presidential Election Discussion with Political Scientists Nov. 8
    There is a lot at stake in the Nov. 6 election. Who will be the next president? Which party will control Congress? Who will New Hampshire’s next governor be, and which party will... Read More