Marine Science

Artist's drawing of research ship

Exploring the Seas

UNH will co-operate a forthcoming research vessel that will provide cutting-edge technology for scientists to study the Atlantic Ocean and adjoining seas. Read More

Recent Stories

  • Floyd Jackson
    - Prof
    Floyd Jackson could do just about anything. Skin a mouse with surgical precision, make wine, explore the northern wilderness by dog sled, change lives. He started by remaking his... Read More
  • Larry Mayer
    - Ocean Interconnections
    Photo: Lisa Nugent/UNH Photographic ServicesIn the ocean, everything is connected, from water columns and currents to geological formations and marine life. At UNH’s new School of... Read More
  • earth from space
    - Back to the Future
    This image shows a future view of the world in equilibrium at 2,000 parts per million of atmospheric carbon dioxide (current level is 393 ppm). Sea level is higher by some 260... Read More
  • teacher and student at ocean discovery day
    - Ocean Discovery Day
    Saturday, Sept. 21, 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. Learn hands on about ocean science from researchers, students and UNH Marine Docents. Visit our state-of-the art laboratories and hear about... Read More
  • larry mayer on marine vessel
    - UNH Launches School of Marine Science and Ocean Engineering
    Larry Mayer is the director of the University of New Hampshire’s new School of Marine Science and Ocean Engineering. Mayer, a professor of Earth science and ocean engineering, is... Read More
  • deep sea diver jumps into water
    - Know the Coast
    Get to know New Hampshire’s coast – the creatures that inhabit it and the researchers who explore it – at UNH’s third annual Know the Coast Day Saturday, Oct. 20. LEARN MORE >... Read More
  • small oysters in hand
    - Tweets Offer Unique Glimpse of Red Tide Research
    Left - Juvenile pearl oysters attached to seagrass and rock, covering the bottom of some areas. Right - Sample of coral taken from a shallow lagoon reef in Umm Al Quwain UNH... Read More
  • sarah vanhorn with cod fish
    - Great Fish Stories
    Marine biology student Sarah VanHorn shares her experiences working with the local fishing industry in a rich chowder of tips, stories, and advice. Meet the blogger behind “... Read More