Marine Science

A channeled whelk laying sideways on a cream-colored background.

Saving a Sought-after Shellfish Species

Collaborative research led by UNH scientists and alum aims to make the channeled whelk industry more sustainable and result in the resurgence of the species, as well as preserve horseshoe crabs, which are often used a whelk bait and are already at risk due to their unique blue blood that is prized... Read More

Recent Stories

  • Postdoctoral researcher Kerri Seger speaks into a microphone
    - Fulbright Scholar
    Postdoc Kerri Seger listens to whales in Colombia. Read More
  • Larry Mayer sits on the edge of a dock in front of a research vessel
    - National Academy Honor
    Larry Mayer has been elected to the National Academy of Engineering. Read More
  • Larry Mayer sits on the stern of a UNH research vessel
    - Hall of Fame
    Larry Mayer has been inducted into the Hydrographer Hall of Fame. Read More
  • Hannah Hamalainen, UNH Assistant Professor, Dimond Library
    - Meet UNH's New Faculty: 2016
    UNH has welcomed a diverse group of scholars and researchers to its faculty.  Read More
  • Researcher Jennifer Miksis-Olds
    - Eavesdropping on the Ocean
    A new federal contract will help researchers like Jennifer Miksis-Olds eavesdrop on the ocean environment. The contract, worth up to $6.5 million, will support ongoing monitoring... Read More
  • Sponges on a coral reef
    - Sponges of the Caribbean
    UNH researchers are exploring how sponges, the less charismatic but essential reef neighbors of corals, contribute to overall coral reef health. Read More
  • Great Bay sunrise from the docks of Jackson Lab
    - Estuarine Expertise
    This National Estuaries Week is a fitting time to shine a light on the work of estuary champion David Burdick, interim director of UNH’s Jackson Estuarine Laboratory. Read More
  • Researchers Kevin Jerram and Evgenia Bazhenova at the North Pole, with American and Russian flags
    - Polar Explorers
    Halfway through their six-week research cruise of the Arctic Ocean, UNH researchers Kevin Jerram and Evgenia Bazhenova visited the North Pole. Read More
  • A vaquita, the world's smallest and rarest porpoise
    - Prof with a Porpoise
    Chris Glass wouldn’t blame you if you’ve never heard of the vaquita. The small porpoise is so secretive that it wasn’t discovered as a species until 1958. Read More
  • Research Vessel Gulf Surveyor
    - Shiny and New
    UNH has a new, state-of-the-art research vessel that will help researchers map the coastal seafloor and better understand the ocean environment while providing training in the... Read More