Marine Science

Recent Stories

  • Artist's drawing of research ship
    - Exploring the Seas
    UNH will co-operate a forthcoming research vessel that will provide cutting-edge technology for scientists to study the Atlantic Ocean and adjoining seas. Read More
  • UNH professor of history Jeff Bolster driving a boat
    - Revelle Lecture
    Professor of history Jeffrey Bolster was selected by the National Academy of Sciences to deliver its prestigious Revelle Commemorative Lecture. Read More
  • R/V Endeavor
    - Collaborative Endeavor
    UNH scientists and graduate students now have access to a state-of-the-art research vessel, the R/V Endeavor. Read More
  • Postdoctoral researcher Kerri Seger speaks into a microphone
    - Fulbright Scholar
    Postdoc Kerri Seger listens to whales in Colombia. Read More
  • Larry Mayer sits on the edge of a dock in front of a research vessel
    - National Academy Honor
    Larry Mayer has been elected to the National Academy of Engineering. Read More
  • Larry Mayer sits on the stern of a UNH research vessel
    - Hall of Fame
    Larry Mayer has been inducted into the Hydrographer Hall of Fame. Read More
  • Hannah Hamalainen, UNH Assistant Professor, Dimond Library
    - Meet UNH's New Faculty: 2016
    UNH has welcomed a diverse group of scholars and researchers to its faculty.  Read More
  • Researcher Jennifer Miksis-Olds
    - Eavesdropping on the Ocean
    A new federal contract will help researchers like Jennifer Miksis-Olds eavesdrop on the ocean environment. The contract, worth up to $6.5 million, will support ongoing monitoring... Read More
  • Sponges on a coral reef
    - Sponges of the Caribbean
    UNH researchers are exploring how sponges, the less charismatic but essential reef neighbors of corals, contribute to overall coral reef health. Read More
  • Great Bay sunrise from the docks of Jackson Lab
    - Estuarine Expertise
    This National Estuaries Week is a fitting time to shine a light on the work of estuary champion David Burdick, interim director of UNH’s Jackson Estuarine Laboratory. Read More