Recent Stories

  • UNH professors who have received CAREER grants
    - CAREER Success
    Three UNH faculty members have received prestigious National Science Foundation awards to support work that aims to understand turbulent flows, flexible biomolecules and a unique... Read More
  • Two UNH students who met while interns at the IOL in high school
    - Engineering the Future
    The application period for the UNH InterOperability Lab (IOL) summer internship program for high-school students is now open, and for those who are accepted, the program provides... Read More
  • Diane Silva Pimentel
    - Women in Engineering
    Diane Silva Pimentel, assistant professor of education, is delving into questions about gender and the decision not only to study engineering but also to remain in the field.... Read More
  • Jesse Ross '17
    - The Road Less Traveled
    UNH junior Jesse Ross took a semester off to hike the Appalachian Trail, raising funds for an organization near and dear to his heart.It is often said that life is a climb. We... Read More
  • Veterans Day 2015
    - A Day for Veterans
    Michael Elliott (Photo: Sid Caesar)On this Veterans Day, we talk with Michael Elliott, a former U.S. Marine and Army Reservist who served in Japan and Afghanistan. Elliott is a... Read More
  • UNH engineering students in Berlin, NH
    - A Festival of STEM
    It’s not often hundreds of students and dozens of teachers willingly choose to attend school on a weekend. But that was the case on a sunny September Saturday when hundreds... Read More
  • UNH Project SMART participants launching scientific balloon
    - Riding High
    Project SMART high school students steady their scientific balloon as it fills with helium prior to launch. (Photo: Devin Thomas, University of British Columbia)Near space is the... Read More
  • UNH graduate Ian Gagnon
    - Alternative Energy
    Ian GagnonLast November, the presidents of China and the U.S. forged a commitment to reduce fossil fuel emissions. Other governments across the world are investing billions in... Read More
  • May-Win Thein
    - May-Win Thein: Focusing on Learning, Not Fundraising
    The reason associate professor of mechanical engineering May-Win Thein gives back to UNH is simple: She wants her students to be studying, learning, experimenting and researching... Read More
  • UNH engineering student and president of the UNH chapter of the National Society for Black Engineers Siddharth Nigam at Greenland Central School
    - Spreading Their Passion for STEM
      The UNH chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers is on a mission to, among other ideals, promote its members’ involvement in the community. So when the nearby... Read More