UNH community members getting free haircuts
The Barber Shop is an event that combines culture, conversation and communication to build relationships within the UNH community. Read More
photo of Aria Halliday
A UNH women’s studies faculty member was awarded a Duke University summer fellowship on tenure. Read More
UNH's Lu Ferrell
OMSA's interim director is committed to social justice education and working with underrepresented members of the campus. Read More

Recent Stories

  • An infographic showing information on suicide
    - A Good Fight
    The university’s commitment to building a safe, supportive culture on campus is getting noticed. Read More
  • Tyler Simpson and Vernon Carter
    - Talking About The Hard Issues
    Current events serve as a reminder of just how crucial these discussions — and courses — are to society. Read More
  • UNH graduate Sig Nigam '16
    - Next Stop: The Rockies
    When Sid Nigam ’16 was leaving India to attend college in the United States, at the airport his mother told him: “Son, sometimes 10 seconds of courage is all it takes.” Read More
  • UNH alumna Jennifer Blessing working with a service dog in training
    - A Dog-Lover’s Tale
     Jennifer Blessing '14 works with a Warrior Canine Connection service dog in training. Jen Blessing ’14 has always loved animals.But it was her work at UNH's Thompson School of... Read More
  • UNH student Brendan O'Byrne
    - Lessons of War
    “You hear a lot of the stories about how bad war is — and it is, there is no doubt — but what people don’t hear a lot about is the other side.” That other side, explains Brendan O... Read More
  • UNH Manchester
    - Information on Staff Unionizing Effort
    If you are a member of the university’s staff you may have received emails from the National Education Association about the NEA’s unionizing effort. Read More
  • Charlie Durkin '17
    - So Much More Than Hate
    The following was written by UNH senior Charlie Durkin in response to this week’s mass shooting at the Orlando gay nightclub Pulse. Durkin identifies as queer, polyamorous, and... Read More
  • Members of the UNH community gather to honor victims of the Orlando shooting spree
    - Man's Inhumanity To Man
    Members of the UNH community honored the lives of 49 people who were killed in the country’s largest mass shooting earlier this week.   Read More
  • The producers and consulting producers of "Shadows Fall North"
    - Reclaiming Our History
    The first novel published by an African-American woman. A burial ground lost for decades beneath a city street. An eloquent petition from a group of enslaved men seeking freedom... Read More
  • Patricia Solvignon-Slifer
    - Passing: Patricia Solvignon-Slifer, 1974 – 2016
    Patricia Solvignon-Slifer, assistant professor of physics at UNH, died Friday, May 27, 2016. She was 41.  Read More