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Kylee Rock at podium

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UNH students present at 50th anniversary celebration of regional philosophy conference. Read More

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  • Nathan Schwadron, associate research professor of physics and astronomy
    - Finding Physics in the Bad Stuff
    "When I was in first grade, I fell out of a tree ... I ended up having a grand mal seizure and wound up in a coma." Read More
  • Madeline Juffras '19 working on scientific equipment in a wetland
    - Inquiring Minds
    UNH's Inquiry journal highlights undergraduate research. Read More
  • Winning team poses with competition director, dean, and benefactor
    - Safety First
    Holloway Competition winning team aims to make dating safer. Read More
  • UNH's Jessica Fury '19
    - Reindeer Career
    Animal science major Jessica Fury ’19 is off to a unique new job after graduation. Read More
  • Julissa Freund
    - Helping Others Through Research
    Julissa Freund ’20 is passionate about helping others. She discovered her calling to conduct research that makes a difference following her sophomore year at UNH. “I find research... Read More
  • ​UNH's Quincy Abramson ​
    - Career Possibilities
    Whether Quincy Abramson ’19 runs an international nonprofit one day or becomes an ambassador, she has a pretty good background to get there. Read More
  • Helping Others Achieve
    - Helping Others Achieve
    Chase Retrosi '20 always knew he wanted to be an educator. At UNH, he found his passion in the experiential field. Read More
  • UNH professor Nancy Kinner and students at work in a lab
    - Arctic Bound
    Two CEPS students have been awarded fellowships with the Arctic Domain Awareness Center to assist in efforts to better plan oil spill mitigation and protection of the environment. Read More
  •  Jordan Garrett ’20 (l) and Taylor Lindsay '19 (r) with Goan students
    - Podcasting for the Environment in India
    Taylor Lindsay ’19 considers herself a hard scientist. She’s used to working in terms of what can be seen and measured.  Read More
  • Becoming Better Leaders
    - Becoming Better Leaders
    Go behind the scenes with student participants and see what UNH Leadership Camp has to offer. Read More