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  • photo of Sharyn Potter
    - Innovator of the Week
    UNH sociologist Sharyn Potter was recently featured as Innovator of the Week on the Live Free and Start website. Read More
  • figures forming a bridge illustration by Anthony Freda
    - Building Bridges
    When Chris Misavage, a middle school math and science teacher, took a job at Wentworth Elementary in rural northern New Hampshire, the community was in crisis. The school’s... Read More
  • UNH's uSafeNH app
    - Help At Their Fingertips
    It’s hard to decide which statistic is more alarming: the one that says approximately 20 percent of all female college students (and 5 percent of their male counterparts) are... Read More
  • UNH professor Sharyn Potter
    - Triumphing Over Tragedy
    Sharyn Potter will never forget 1981. Read More
  • Under secretary Ted Mitchell of U.S. Department of Education at UNH
    - Department of Education Official Lauds Sexual Assault Prevention Efforts
    U.S. Department of Education under secretary Ted Mitchell visited campus on Friday, May 13, meeting with more than a dozen students, researchers and staff in a roundtable... Read More
  • Corinthian column
    - Prevention Perspective
     Recently, former St. Paul’s School senior Owen Labrie, accused of raping a younger student, was convicted of misdemeanor charges of having sex with a girl below the age of... Read More
  • Potter’s Public Service
    - Potter’s Public Service
    Sharyn Potter has been involved in efforts to prevent sexual violence since she was a freshman in college. For the past decade, as associate professor in the UNH department of... Read More
  • change, rape, fear - graphic
    - Change
    Chris Urbanski ’18 had gotten the message about sexual assault awareness at UNH long before he arrived on campus. At first-year orientation in June, older students told the newbies... Read More
  • the white house - graphic
    - UNH Tapped to Help White House Task Force End Campus Sexual Assault
    The University of New Hampshire is one of three universities tapped by a White House task force to do further research related to ending campus sexual assault. UNH’s Prevention... Read More
  • prevention innovations team
    - Prevention Innovations
    A research center dedicated to ending violence against women is building on its successes. Read More