Female researcher scoops into large fish tank with net

Research Snapshot: Raising Lumpfish

At UNH’s Coastal Marine Lab in New Castle, N.H., Elizabeth Fairchild raises and researches lumpfish as a potential pest-management solution for the aquaculture industry. Fairchild, research associate professor of biological sciences and scientist with the New Hampshire Agricultural Experiment... Read More

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    - Brighter Days Ahead
    Nada Al-Haddad, a research assistant professor in the UNH Space Science Center, has been awarded a prestigious four-year, $690,000 NASA grant to support her solar-based research... Read More
  • Rodrigues ‘22G marking trail
    - To the Woods
    If everything goes according to plan for Krista Rodrigues ‘22G, you may come across her one day working on a trail in the Whites. If not there, then along another mountain belt.... Read More
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    - Promising Research
    Waldenström macroglobulinemia (WM), a rare form of lymphoma, does not have any known cure and only one FDA-approved treatment, making it challenging to treat patients. But with... Read More
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    - Partnering to Test
    The high toll that the coronavirus has taken on long-term care facilities across the nation underscores the value of a new partnership between UNH and the New Hampshire Department... Read More
  • Business School Achieves Highest Ever National Ranking
    - Business School Achieves Highest Ever National Ranking
    The University of New Hampshire Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics has achieved its highest national ranking to date, coming in at #55 in the Poets&Quants for... Read More
  • Q&A with Masami Dustin ‘21
    - Q&A with Masami Dustin ‘21
    When you came to UNH had you planned on weaving in a focus on social innovation or sustainability into your major and why?  I knew since my junior year of high school that I would... Read More
  • Using Business to Do Good
    - Using Business to Do Good
    When Shuili Du was a doctoral student at Boston University, the academic field of marketing still focused on the marketing mix (i.e., product, price, promotion and channel... Read More
  • UNH Endowment Investing Goes Green
    - UNH Endowment Investing Goes Green
    Did you know that as of July 30, 2020 UNH was ranked sixth among universities in the country for its sustainability practices, topped only by schools like Stanford University,... Read More
  • Gordon Unzen '21
    - A Future in Criminal Justice
    A desire to better understand how people think led Gordon Unzen ’21 to major in psychology. He added philosophy after taking social and political philosophy, and then justice... Read More