Yadira Hernandez-Plascencia

2021 Sustainability Fellow - Sustainability Reporting and Education | Unitil
Yadira headshot

Yadira recently graduated from Texas A&M University, completing her BS in Environmental Studies with minors in Graphic Design and Geography. Yadira began her sustainability journey during college after growing curious about how people and the planet treated each other. It was not until she sought to help improve campus recycling signages that she was offered to join the Texas A&M University Dining marketing team as the Sustainability Marketing Intern. She has spent the last two years working up storms of projects, campus outreach programs and events across the campus community. Her main project involved coordinating the TAMU Fair Trade Campaign which entailed creating social media content, tabling events, delivering presentations and promoting overall awareness of Fair Trade products on campus. She advocates for a zero-waste future of improving practices of recycling and composting. Working alongside university and department officials in waste management, she helped facilitate a new zero-waste initiative on campus called the “Going Strawless” campaign to have plastic straws and lids upon request policy to curb disposable consumption. Being part of TAMU University Dining’s sustainability efforts has only strengthened Yadira’s interest in being a supportive outlet to drive institutions for more sweeping sustainable decisions and planning. Fun facts about Yadira are that she is Texas-born-and-raised yet country music is not her “go-to”. Additionally, she just started to gain traction on propagating indoor plants and knitting! This summer, Yadira is working with Unitil to collect and report information regarding its sustainability performance to investors, customers, and other stakeholders.