Molly Kent ‘24

Fall 2021 Semester in the City Fellow
Molly Kent Spotlight

Molly was an English major with a minor in Justice Studies. Prior to Semester in the City, Molly was involved in the Sustainability Institute’s Changemaker Collaborative while focusing on her academics in the Honors Program and earning Highest Honors on the Dean’s List each semester. During Semester in the City, she served as the School Partnership Fellow for St. Stephen's Youth Program. St. Stephen’s aims to promote equity in education, employment, and opportunity through long-term relationships with young people as well as their families and communities. Within this role, she tutored for Boston Public Schools while keeping track of important data about their community engagement programs. Molly developed a literacy resource program for the Blackstone School Library that worked towards education equity, public funding for schools, and compensatory services available to rebuild academic skills in Covid recovery. This project helped further develop programming not only for St. Stephen’s but also for Boston Public Schools and the City of Boston. Molly was most excited to make a difference in Boston Public Schools and experience a unique, fast-paced environment. Molly hoped that Semester in the City would provide clarity for her future prospects when determining which direction she wanted to go, as she looked forward to the possibility of a career in non-profit development.