Katie Rascoe ‘22

2021 Sustainability Fellow - Values Messaging, Expanding Our Community | Timberland
Katie Rascoe Headshot

Originally from Queensbury, New York, Katie was pursuing a BS in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing and dual degree in Sustainability at the University of New Hampshire. She decided to center her academic journey around formative experiences that allowed her to excel at the intersection of business and sustainability. In addition to her studies, she was a Consultant in the B-Impact Clinic and Teacher’s Assistant for the Sustainability Dual Major introductory course as well as Business Ethics course. She is passionate about leadership and organizational development and demonstrated this interest through her role as the President of the Alpha Sigma Chapter of Kappa Delta and the Co-President of Net Impact.   

During the summer of 2021, Katie worked with Timberland to help focus the company’s external values-based messaging strategies. Timberland has been doing the work to create better product, a greener world, and stronger communities, and has the potential to be recognized as a leader in eco-innovation and to set the bar higher for industry competitors. Katie developed and presented a Competitive Landscape Analysis to help inform future decisions around robust marketing strategies, wrote industry-facing articles that tell the stories of Timberland’s service and sustainability commitments, and met with key company stakeholders to evaluate the potential impact of her strategic marketing recommendations. 

Watch Katie’s presentation here