Katherine Legier ‘22

Fall 2021 Semester in the City Fellow
Katherine Legier Headshot

Katherine was a Sociology and Women’s Studies double major with a minor in Fine Arts. While participating in Semester in the City, she served as a Program Research Fellow for YW Boston with the shared goal of eliminating racism and empowering women. Within this role, Kat analyzed qualitative and quantitative data from antiracism workshop surveys to formulate insights about their results. This work helped her apply sociological concepts to the real world in meaningful ways. She was most excited to practice impactful research with the goal of creating healthy communities. Beyond her work with Semester in the City @ Boston, Kat published a research article in Sociological Perspectives about infant mortality and race in the United States. In the future, she hopes to continue to contribute to important research that focuses on how intersecting identities impact public health.