Jacob Young ‘22

Fall 2021 Semester in the City Fellow
Jacob Young Headshot

Jacob was a Teacher Education major within the Humanities Program at UNH Manchester Campus. On campus, he created a music club with over 25 members and hosted events on and off campus. Additionally, he held two jobs on campus as a Peer Assistant Leader (PAL) and a member of Student Involvement. Both of these jobs included planning events, working with students, and leading others in varying ways such as teaching classes and hosting discussions. During Semester in the City, he served as Operations Manager for The Croft School where he helped with finance and operations, classroom support and teaching, and program planning and design. As a special project, he oversaw the planning, marketing, and executing of an event hosted at the school during the fall. Jacob’s work at UNHM corresponded well with his responsibilities at the Croft School and helped him prepare for his career in education.