Heather Nelson, '23

Fall 2020 Semester in the City Fellow
Heather Nelson

Heather was a sophomore mechanical engineering/anthropology double major at the University of New Hampshire. She interned with the O'Bryant Writer's Room at 826 Boston, where she lead the school's literary magazine and was collaborating with teachers to create workshops combining writing and STEM topics in ways the students could connect with. This work helped her strengthen her ability to explain complex topics in a concise and engaging way, allowing that information to be dispersed to and understood by a wide and diverse audience rather than held by an elite few. Alongside her Semester in the City work, she co-ran a research project focused on building robotic fish for use in fieldwork and conservation. She hopes to combine her engineering expertise and the lessons she learns through her anthropology degree and experiences like Semester in the City to build a career helping communities around the world innovate new solutions to old problems.