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Semester in the City
Semester in the City students


UNH credits at no additional cost


Hours of hands-on learning



Live in apartments in the BU/BC area

What is Semester in the City?

Since 2016, the University of New Hampshire has affiliated with the College for Social Innovation (a Boston non-profit) to bring undergraduates the opportunity to earn 16 UNH credits while spending a semester in Boston in a rigorous 30+ hour per week internship with a leading social change organization.

Want to stay on campus? Now you can!

You have the choice to make change in your own backyard! Get the same great benefits of the Boston-based program and intern with a UNH department. You'll work on strategic sustainability projects (social, economic, environmental) and promote making change on campus!

  Check out the details of interning with SITC @ UNH in Durham!

Important Dates & Reminders

Spring Participation Application Deadlines: 
: October 1  
        Final: November 1

Fall Participation Application Deadlines: 
: March 1  
        Final: April 1

Apply anytime for a future semester
Check out Application Tips & Tricks


Contact Faina Bukher or make an appointment.

Resources to learn more about Semester in the City:
        See the pre-recorded info-session ANYTIME!
        Chat with a Semester in the City Alumnus!

Learn more about SITC

Quick Facts

  • *Same tuition cost as one semester at UNH (financial aid applies!)
  • Matched with a dedicated mentor/supervisor
  • Wednesday evening course (includes dinner)
  • Friday seminar/reflective workshops (includes breakfast & lunch)
  • Cool perks: unlimited MBTA Pass and a living stipend of $600/semester


Students may apply to participate in their sophomore, junior, or senior year, with a declared major and 2.5 cumulative UNH GPA or higher**, with priority given to students with above 3.0.  Students may apply during their first year, as long as they have completed at least 32 credits prior to participation, with at least 12 of these credits earned at UNH at the baccalaureate level.  

* As of Fall 2017, COLA Undeclared students may participate in Semester in the City before they declare a major.

**NEW ELIGIBILITY STANDARDS: 2-year pilot program, effective Spring 2019:

  • Students with a GPA between 2.0-2.5 are eligible to be considered by Semester in the City by petition. 
  • Students may be undeclared and must have at least 12 earned UNH credits at time of study away.
  1. Please complete a UNH Study Away Student Eligibility Form, to confirm that you are in good academic, financial, and judicial standing, and that you will represent UNH in a positive light.  Fill out the top portion of the form and drop it off at the Dean's Office for your College.  
  2. International Students must get authorization from the Office of International Students & Scholars to participate in Semester in the City.

Semester in the City (SITC) Boston students will serve with leading social sector organizations four days a week, for 15 weeks.  

Social Sector Placements in Boston

Every placement will be a little different, but in each case the student will have a dedicated mentor – a hand-selected high-performing, high-potential leader.  Students will spend roughly 20 percent of their time shadowing senior leaders, 40 percent of their time doing front-line service for the organization, and 40 percent working on a special project. Social Innovation Fellowships will gain 400+ hours of work-based learning, allowing students to learn more about themselves and their passions while also building their skills and their networks.

Check out some examples of our placements and projects in Boston.

In addition to the internship, SITC Boston students engage in two weekly reflective and skill-building courses with the Durham cohort (SITC @ UNH, an expansion of the SITC program).

Students in each program benefit from connecting to one another, building their networks and community, sharing and reflecting on their experiences and supporting one another as changemakers.

The Social Innovator's Tool Box

Fellows will be enrolled in a foundational course that meets one evening a week, “The Social Innovator's Tool Box”, which will introduce students to different approaches to social change and social innovation.  Students will explore how impact investing, advocacy, action tanking, social entrepreneurship, and movement building can advance progress on issues students care about.  The course will use case studies and discussions with leading change-makers – as well as the emerging academic literature on social innovation – to illuminate different pathways to change.

Workshops for Skill-Building and Reflection

For 14 Fridays - as well as a three day orientation at the beginning of the semester and a two-day student-led research conference at the end - Semester in the City students will participate in skill-building and reflective workshops designed to accelerate self-awareness, problem-solving ability, and larger societal issues. As part of the Friday workshops, Fellows will engage in team-based community research projects and will meet with leading social innovators from diverse fields and backgrounds.  Students will also participate in workshops designed to build proficiency in Communication, Critical Thinking, Creativity and Collaboration.


You will receive the same number of credits you would at the University of New Hampshire as a full-time enrolled student, which is 16 credits (Enrolled in INCO 505A,  INCO 505B, & INCO 505I). You'll also fulfill your Social Sciences Discovery requirement.  In some cases, all or some of the credits will also count toward academic major or minor requirements and/or core distribution requirements.  View list of pre-approved majors that accept Semester in the City credits. Be sure to speak with your academic advisor or department chair, even if your department is not on this list.


This program costs the same as one semester at UNH! You continue paying your standard tuition and mandatory fees and there are NO special fees. Financial aid will continue to come from UNH.

View Estimated Expenses

Financial Benefits & Perks


  • Receive a $595 stipend


  • A monthly CharlieCard (MBTA transportation pass, subway, tram and bus system) is provided 


  • Meals are included during in-person classes 
  • Food reimbursements up to $380

Boston Residential Program

Fellows will live together in Allston*, a neighborhood in Boston with a large student and young professional population, near Boston University and Boston College.  Each apartment building will have a Resident Advisor who will organize community activities and occasional field trips for Fellows. A Resident Director will be on call 24/7 and is responsible for oversight and management of the residences.  Participants will pay College for Social Innovation directly for their housing in Boston, which will cost about the same as an average room of similar size on campus.  Participants may use their financial aid to help cover the cost of room and board.

*It is not mandatory to live in the provided apartments if you have other accommodations in Boston.

Learn more about living in Boston here and check out this great infographic too!

Application Process

When submitting your application by clicking the link below, you'll be brought to our partner's website, the College for Social Innovation, which runs the Semester in the City program.

Before applying:

  • Check out the "Application Tips & Tricks"!
  • In some cases, all or some of the credits will also count toward academic major or minor requirements and/or core distribution requirements.  View list of pre-approved majors that accept Semester in the City credits and be sure to review with your academic advisor or department chair, even if your department is not on this list. 

The application consists of several sections and will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

You will be asked to submit:

  • a resume OR a LinkedIn profile
  • 2 references 
  • responses to short answer questions

​You must also complete the UNH Study Away Eligibility Form.

You'll also have an opportunity to indicate your placement preferences and tell us about the social issues that matter to you on your application and during the interview.

Questions?  Contact a student Changemaker Coach who has completed Semester in the City!

Application Tips & Tricks



  • Mandy Li Headshot
    Spring 2022 Semester in the City Fellow
    Mandy was an Event Management major with a minor in Tourism Management. On campus, she was actively involved in student organizations that focused on raising awareness for women and people of color, including the United Asian Coalition and the NALA Support Group for Women of Color. As a Semester in the City Fellow, Mandy served as a Marketing and Events Coordinator for The Williams Agency…
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  • Charlie Swift Headshot
    Spring 2022 Semester in the City Fellow
    Charlie was a Communication major with a minor in Political Science.  As a Semester in the City Fellow, he interned with the Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts, an organization that engages business and community leaders to build economies that are local, green, and fair. During his internship, he built upon the organization’s green programming by designing and…
    Learn More
  • claire bacon headshot
    Spring 2022 Semester in the City Fellow
    Claire was a Hospitality Management major with a minor in Real Estate Finance. At Semester in the City, she interned with New England Culinary Arts Training (NECAT). Within this role, she improved their website and social media presence, as well as assisted with outreach and data. She hoped to combine her hospitality…
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  • Jacob Young Headshot
    Fall 2021 Semester in the City Fellow
    Jacob was a Teacher Education major within the Humanities Program at UNH Manchester Campus. On campus, he created a music club with over 25 members and hosted events on and off campus. Additionally, he held two jobs on campus as a Peer Assistant Leader (PAL) and a member of Student Involvement. Both of these jobs included planning events, working with students, and leading others in varying ways…
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  • Alexandra Vergara Headshot
    Fall 2021 Semester in the City Fellow
    Alexandra was an English Teaching major with a minor in Spanish. On campus, she taught English as a second language, served both as a participant and mentor for UNH’s PROVES program, and participated as a Changemaker Fellow. During her freshman year, she served as Alliance’s DSC Representative. Then, during her sophomore year she served as the Diversity Support Coalition’s Business Manager…
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