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Semester in the City
Semester in the City students


UNH credits at no additional cost


Hours of hands-on learning



Live in apartments in the BU/BC area

What is Semester in the City?

The University of New Hampshire and the College for Social Innovation (a Boston non-profit) have partnered to bring undergraduates the opportunity to spend a semester in Boston in a rigorous 30+ hour per week internship with a leading social change organization.

NEW: SPRING 2021! Intern @ UNH!

Now you have the choice to make change in your own backyard! You can still complete meaningful, immersive internships with social impact organizations in Boston. However, now you can choose to become leaders on campus and intern with existing UNH departments to promote peer-to-peer learning about sustainability and social change.

>> Check out some potential opportunities on campus this spring in the "Where might I intern @ UNH?" belowOne application - both options available!

Important Dates & Reminders

Virtual Open House - March 5, 2021

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Spring Participation Deadlines: 
: October 1  
        Final: November 1

Fall Participation Deadlines: 
: March 1  
        Final: April 1

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Contact Faina Bukher or make an appointment.

  • Semester in the City student, Kianalee Zabala

    Quick Facts

    • *Same tuition cost as one semester at UNH (financial aid applies!)
    • Matched with a dedicated mentor/supervisor
    • Wednesday evening course (includes dinner)
    • Friday seminar/reflective workshops (includes breakfast & lunch)
    • Cool perks: unlimited MBTA Pass and a living stipend of $600/semester

Students may apply to participate in their sophomore, junior, or senior year, with a declared major and 2.5 cumulative UNH GPA or higher**, with priority given to students with above 3.0.  Students may apply during their first year, as long as they have completed at least 32 credits prior to participation, with at least 12 of these credits earned at UNH at the baccalaureate level.  

* As of Fall 2017, COLA Undeclared students may participate in Semester in the City before they declare a major.

**NEW ELIGIBILITY STANDARDS: 2-year pilot program, effective Spring 2019:

  • Students with a GPA between 2.0-2.5 are eligible to be considered by Semester in the City by petition. 
  • Students may be undeclared and must have at least 12 earned UNH credits at time of study away.
  1. Please complete a UNH Study Away Student Eligibility Form, to confirm that you are in good academic, financial, and judicial standing, and that you will represent UNH in a positive light.  Fill out the top portion of the form and drop it off at the Dean's Office for your College.  
  2. International Students must get authorization from the Office of International Students & Scholars to participate in Semester in the City.

Semester in the City (SITC) Boston students will serve with leading social sector organizations and SITC @ UNH students will intern with UNH departments four days a week, for 15 weeks.  

Social Sector Placements in Boston

Every placement will be a little different, but in each case the student will have a dedicated mentor – a hand-selected high-performing, high-potential leader.  Students will spend roughly 20 percent of their time shadowing senior leaders, 40 percent of their time doing front-line service for the organization, and 40 percent working on a special project. Social Innovation Fellowships will gain 400+ hours of work-based learning, allowing students to learn more about themselves and their passions while also building their skills and their networks.

Check out some examples of our placements and projects in Boston.

SITC @ UNH Placement

Beginning in Spring 2021, students have the choice to make change in their own backyard! UNH students can still complete meaningful, immersive internships with social impact organizations in Boston. However, now they can choose to become leaders on their campus and work with existing UNH departments and organizations to promote peer-to-peer learning about sustainability and social change topics.

Sample placements and projects in Durham:

  • Athletics & Facilities: Develop campaign (videos, podcasts, social media, website - format TBD) and facilitate outreach efforts for Green Athletics (assisting UNH Wildcats and staff to become leaders on waste reduction as it relates to athletics), while supporting the general zero waste efforts on campus.
  • Child Study and Development Center: Complete observation and analysis of current staff, research outdoor and experiential education best practices for inquiry based learning and agency development in children and support efforts to train early childhood educators, while supporting the general tasks of the Center.
  • Office of Community, Equity & Diversity:  Recruiting students to participate in the 21 Day Racial Equity Habit Building Challenge (grounded racial equity and social justice issues in the food system in New England), while supporting the general tasks of the Office.
  • Office of Outreach and Engagement: Recruiting UNH students to share sustainability concepts and skills with K-12 students through Splash! Workshops & executing an outreach and marketing campaign to NH K-12 schools, while supporting the general tasks of the Office.
  • Office of Career and Professional Services: Design and develop a Transition From College to Career with Purpose toolkit to equip and empower students with resources and tools to begin their journeys on solid footing with the marketing team, while supporting the general tasks of the Office.
  • Energy Office: Developing a campus-wide outreach campaign to reduce energy use during peak demand times in order to decrease dirty, unreliable and expensive energy use, while supporting the general tasks of the Office.
  • Storm Water Center and Utilities Office: Develop and create campaign and provide outreach related to best practices for protecting water and ecosystems on campus, while supporting the general tasks of the Offices.
  • Trash 2 Treasure & Sustainability Institute: Develop and implement plan for May move-out collections, volunteer participation, and develop back-up plan for higher education waste during the COVID-19 pandemic, while supporting the general zero waste efforts on campus.
  • Treat Fellowship & NH Listens: Develop and implement a campus-wide forum on race and equity, including organizing, promoting and facilitating the event, on a chosen topic, while supporting the general tasks of the Department.
  • UNH Dining: Work directly with marketing and/or dietetics teams to support campus-wide food service sustainability efforts related to student health, well-being and waste reduction, while supporting the general tasks of the Department.
  • UNH Foundation: Develop best practices and recommendations for sustainable investing (via a racial and gender equity lens) by working directly with Fund Managers at Prime Buchholz LLC, while supporting the UNH Committee on Investor Responsibility.

In addition to the internship, students participate in two courses.

The Social Innovator's Tool Box

Fellows will be enrolled in a foundational course that meets one evening a week, “The Social Innovator's Tool Box”, which will introduce students to different approaches to social change and social innovation.  Students will explore how impact investing, advocacy, action tanking, social entrepreneurship, and movement building can advance progress on issues students care about.  The course will use case studies and discussions with leading change-makers – as well as the emerging academic literature on social innovation – to illuminate different pathways to change.

Workshops for Skill-Building and Reflection

For 14 Fridays - as well as a three day orientation at the beginning of the semester and a two-day student-led research conference at the end - Semester in the City students will participate in skill-building and reflective workshops designed to accelerate self-awareness, problem-solving ability, and larger societal issues. As part of the Friday workshops, Fellows will engage in team-based community research projects and will meet with leading social innovators from diverse fields and backgrounds.  Students will also participate in workshops designed to build proficiency in Communication, Critical Thinking, Creativity and Collaboration.


You will receive the same number of credits you would at the University of New Hampshire as a full-time enrolled student, which is 16 credits (Enrolled in INCO 505A,  INCO 505B, & INCO 505I). You'll also fulfill your Social Sciences Discovery requirement.  In some cases, all or some of the credits will also count toward academic major or minor requirements and/or core distribution requirements.  View list of pre-approved majors that accept Semester in the City credits. Be sure to speak with your academic advisor or department chair, even if your department is not on this list.


This program costs the same as one semester at UNH! You continue paying your standard tuition and mandatory fees and there are NO special fees. Financial aid will continue to come from UNH.

View Estimated Expenses

Financial Benefits & Perks


  • Receive a $595 stipend, for both BOSTON-based Fellows and SITC @ UNH Fellows 


  • A monthly CharlieCard (MBTA transportation pass, subway, tram and bus system) is provided for BOSTON-based Fellows 
  • UNH will provide transportation to/from Boston for SITC @ UNH Fellows  for 4-6 Friday classes/activities, launch week and the showcase
  • When SITC @ UNH Fellows  are in Boston for these events, you will receive a T-Pass for the time you are in Boston, equivalent to the number of days you will be in the city


  • Dinner is included every Wednesday night, and breakfast and lunch every Friday for BOSTON-based Fellows 
  • When SITC @ UNH Fellows are in Boston for 4-6 Friday classes/activities, you will receive either a grab-n-go or lunch reimbursement
  • When SITC @ UNH Fellows  are on Boston for a multi-day period (launch week, showcase and/or weekend overnight) you will received a small per diem for meals that aren't covered already

(Modifications have been made for the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 semesters.)

Boston Residential Program

Fellows will live together in Allston*, a neighborhood in Boston with a large student and young professional population, near Boston University and Boston College.  Each apartment building will have a Resident Advisor who will organize community activities and occasional field trips for Fellows. A Resident Director will be on call 24/7 and is responsible for oversight and management of the residences.  Participants will pay College for Social Innovation directly for their housing in Boston, which will cost about the same as an average room of similar size on campus.  Participants may use their financial aid to help cover the cost of room and board.

*It is not mandatory to live in the provided apartments, if you have other accommodations in Boston.

Learn more about living in Boston here and check out this great infographic too!


UNH Program

SITC @ UNH participants will continue to live in New Hampshire, and be matched with a UNH office working on critical issues on campus and beyond. 6-8 trips to Boston over the course of the semester mean that students get to connect with the Boston cohort and build their networks, in the big city and in their home area!

Application Process

When submitting your application by clicking the link below, you'll be brought to our partner's website, the College for Social Innovation, which runs the Semester in the City program. Before applying, be sure to check out the "Application Tips & Tricks"!

The application consists of several sections and will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

You will be asked to submit:

  • a resume OR a LinkedIn profile
  • 2 references 
  • responses to short answer questions

​You must also complete the UNH Study Away Eligibility Form.

You'll also have an opportunity to indicate your placement preferences and tell us about the social issues that matter to you on your application and during the interview.

Questions?  Contact a student Changemaker Coach who has completed Semester in the City!

Application Tips & Tricks



  • Kate
    Spring 2021 Semester in the City Fellow
    Kate Blakley was a junior studying English Teaching with a minor in Writing. On campus, she was a Student Representative with the Admissions Office and gave tours to potential students and their families. During spring semester 2021, Kate interned with 826 Bostonwhere she worked with the Out of School Time Team.  The team provides after-school tutoring sessions to students in Boston between…
    Learn More
  • Cole
    Spring 2021 Semester in the City Fellow
    Cole was sophomore studying Psychology with a dual major in Sustainability. During spring semester 2021, he interned with Solstice, an organization working to provide community solar for low-income neighborhoods country-wide. As the Solar Development and Community Engagement Fellow, Cole developed more inclusive ways to accept individuals into solar energy programs within the Boston area…
    Learn More
  • Angela
    Spring 2020 Semester in the City Fellow
    Angela was a sophomore studying Public Service and Non-Profit Leadership at the University of New Hampshire, Manchester Campus. She interned at the Center to Support Immigrant Organizing , a nonprofit organization dedicated to upholding the immigrant population in the Boston area. She collaborated with other interns in college readiness workshops for high school juniors and seniors from immigrant…
    Learn More
  • Emily
    Spring 2021 Semester in the City Fellow
    Emily was a junior studying Homeland Security and Justice Studies. She interned at the PBS Institutein Braintree, Massachusetts. PBS is a non-profit that helps make juvenile facilities safer and helps juveniles enter the world once they are released. During her time at PBS, she worked on infographics, research, and analytics. This work helped her learn more about the process of building an…
    Learn More
  • Billie
    Spring 2021 Semester in the City Fellow
    Billie was a junior studying Communication with a minor in Business. She was the District and School’s Partnership Fellow with Citizen Schoolswhere she conducted a landscape analysis of the Citizen Schools’ Catalyst Program. This entailed looking at competitors and potential partners over four key components of the Catalyst Program: Professional Development, Curriculum Projects, Volunteer Mentors…
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