Sidore Lecture: Contemporary Indigenous Peoples of NH--Honoring Mother Earth...

Monday, November 23, 2020 - 4:00pm to 5:30pm

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Contemporary Indigenous Peoples of New Hampshire: Honoring Mother Earth Through Sustainability 

Theme of the Discussion: There is a growing movement to reframe New Hampshire’s history, correcting a common misconception in history books that the Native Peoples of New Hampshire perished with colonization. This panel will celebrate the Native Peoples living among us today, including the Cowasuck Abenaki and related Pennacook communities. Panelists will describe N’Dakinna (Our Homelands) and the relationship between the people of the region and their environment, including places within the New Hampshire landscape that we all recognize. They will consider the meaning of sustainability from an Indigenous perspective in relation to both culture and the environment in our region, including topics such as climate change, air and water pollution, resilient ecosystems, and food security. Finally, we will ask what Native Peoples of New Hampshire need from the citizens and institutions of New Hampshire in order to continue to practice, reclaim, and share (when appropriate) the Indigenous knowledge and practices of both ancestors and contemporaries.


This year's Sidore Series, "Honoring the Mother of All People; Contemporary Indigenous Leadership in Revitalizing Environmental and Cultural Sustainability," will consider how Indigenous knowledge and cultural heritage can deepen our thinking about sustainable futures.  

The Saul O Sidore Memorial Lecture Series was established in 1965 in memory of Saul O Sidore of Manchester, New Hampshire. The purpose of the series is to offer the University community and the state of New Hampshire programs that raise critical and sometimes controversial issues facing our society. The University of New Hampshire Center for the Humanities sponsors the programs.


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