2023 Staff Sustainability Awards

2023 Staff Sustainability Awards

Award Categories

  • Lifetime Achievement: Recognizes significant multi-year body of work.
  • Campus Culture & Operations: Recognizes efforts to integrate sustainability into campus operations, including campus culture and initiatives, buildings, transportation, dining, and more.
  • Engagement: Recognizes efforts to extend sustainability knowledge and practice at the community, state, regional, national, and/or international level. 
  • Funding awards: Awardees and nominees were eligible to apply for funding to continue, expand, or enhance their project, research, or curriculum development, thanks to the generous support of the Responsible Governance and Sustainable Citizenship Program and the Sustainability Institute.  

Sustainability Champions

  • Recognizes staff nominees for their work in advancing sustainability.

Staff Awards

Lifetime Achievement

Katharine Duderstadt 

Research Scientist, Earth Systems Research Center 
In addition to her research in atmospheric chemical transport modeling, Dr. Katharine Duderstadt has also served as the founding chair of the Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee at UNH’s Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space, and leads both the UNH Arctic Research Network and New England Arctic Network. 2020-2021's UNH Sidore Lecture Series on Indigenous leadership in environmental and cultural sustainability was co-organized by Dr. Duderstadt, who further advanced environmental justice and equity with studies of pollution factors and Covid-19 in the Middle East. In her leadership and work, Dr. Duderstadt advances sustainability through interdisciplinary coordination and research on inherent social inequities in environmental pollution and climate change.  

Katherine headshot

Andrea O’Brien 

Director, Business Sustainability Program, NH Small Business Development Center, Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics 
In her two roles as NH Small Business Development Center’s Lead Inclusivity Commitment Advisor and Director of Business Sustainability, Andrea O’Brien brings her expertise in clean energy and business advising to New Hampshire’s businesses and communities. O’Brien meets with small business owners of color to start up and expand their businesses, all while utilizing environmental-minded business practices. She also works with businesses of all kinds on energy audits to prioritize energy efficiency.

Andrea headshot

Campus Culture and Operations

Jack Aydelott 

Chef, UNH Conferences and Catering 
Chef Jack Aydelott has spearheaded UNH Catering’s engagement with Gather NH, an organization ensuring that the Seacoast region is hunger free. In this effort, Mr. Aydelott coordinates safe food handling and storage, delivery of Catering surplus to communities in need, and communication with the organization, a series of actions that directly address food insecurity and prevent waste of high-quality food. 

Jack headshot

Neil Sirota 

Assistant Dean, Career Services, Franklin Pierce School of Law 
Through outreach, programming, and opportunities for underrepresented groups, Neil Sirota has developed a more inclusive legal community at UNH. Sirota aims to address the inequities in legal practice and the justice system through access to previously inaccessible spaces and resources, working in conjunction with the law school’s Diversity Coalition.  

Neil headshot

Darleen Smith

Graphic Designer, UNH Printing Services Darleen Smith and team have prioritized sustainability through digital printing, use of recycled papers, and certification from the Forest Stewardship Council. Darleen’s work has been especially impactful during the annual Undergraduate Research Conference by switching from printing posters on plastic foam core to recyclable poster board, and growing university system-wide partnerships that have committed to utilizing the recyclable poster board, diverting waste from landfills.  

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UNH Library Furniture Repurposing Project 

Tracey Lauder, Assistant Dean for Library Administration 
Jennifer Daly, Senior Administrative Assistant for Library Administration 
Donald Dow, Information Desk Manager 
Zach Lewis, Evening Library Services Specialist 
Kevin Connolly, Director, Athletics Development 

Tracey Lauder and her team, in collaboration with local business NorthShore Refinishing, have contributed to UNH’s circular economy and reduction in waste by repurposing and reinvesting in the current furniture. Rather than simply disposing of furniture, the team has restored 26 study carrels and 187 chairs, saving the $40,000 that would be spent on new furniture. 

Tracey headshot

Campus Community & Engagement

Career and Professional Success 

UNH Career and Professional Success elevates principles of sustainability by offering accessible and inclusive career services, waste reductions in programming, and promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in programming and resources. This is especially evident in the team’s new program, Diversity and Inclusion Employer Champions and Rising Champions, a partnership with students, employers, the Civil Rights & Equity Office, and the Office of Community, Equity, and Diversity, which provides identification of UNH employer partners who demonstrate actionable commitments to social justice and equality.  

group of people standing together

Zeanny Egea 

Program Manager Health and Well-being, Nutrition Connections, UNH Cooperative Extension 
As an Extension Teacher in nutrition, health, and well-being, Zeanny Egea co-led the implementation of the Master Wellness Volunteer program, educating volunteers on nutrition and health equity resources to promote healthy decisions in their communities. This program includes part-time and full-time employees, UNH students, retirees, older adults, and food access system workers, all of whom increase health knowledge and nutritional access among older adults and low-income families.  

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Katherine Gaudet  

Associate Director, University Honors Program; Affiliate Faculty, Department of Classics, Humanities, and Italian Studies, College of Liberal Arts 
Dr. Katherine Gaudet’s book on criminality, What Is a Criminal? Answers from Inside the U.S. Justice System, integrates essays by writers with diverse knowledge of the U.S. criminal justice system, from prison to patrol. This interdisciplinary, collaborative effort tells diverse stories of how the label of criminality affects incarcerated people, especially in conjunction with Dr. Gaudet’s previous work: her NEH-funded “Enduring Ideas” course, and the Sidore Lecture series on mass incarceration.  

Katherine headshot

Paul Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee 

Victoria Parker, Associate Dean of Graduate Education and Faculty Administration & Jennifer Griffith, Morrison Faculty Fellow for Diversity & all committee members
Paul College’s DEI committee engages faculty, staff, and students in curricular and co-curricular activities to build community and inclusivity. This group, founded and championed from the Paul College Dean’s office by Associate Dean Vicky Parker, includes the membership and voices of students, staff, faculty, and alumni to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion, providing opportunities and resources to all in the Paul College community to learn and develop. 

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Staff Nominees: Sustainability Champions

Daniela Adler 

Director, Center for Academic Resources 
For more than 40 years, Dani Adler
has helped advance and ensure student academic success and well-being. She played a pivotal role in the inception of the Center for Academic Resources and the implementation of the TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) grant, which provides academic services to students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Jesse Ambrose 

Analytical Instrumentation Engineer, CEPS Technical Service Center, College of Engineering and Physical Sciences 
Since 2018, Dr. Ambrose has catalogued, evaluated, and resold UNH’s unusable or surplus research tools, keeping these items out of the waste stream and tackling the university’s waste problem. His effort has improved use of space, created a new revenue stream, reduced disposal costs, and even
provided student employment opportunities.

Lauren Berger 

Assistant Dean of Students, UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law 
Lauren Berger has addressed basic-needs insecurity of law students, especially international students experiencing issues with financial
assistance issues due to inflation and financial fluctuation in their home countries.

Alexander Brickett 

Senior Project Manager, Facilities Design and Construction 
Alex Brickett has
implemented sustainable solutions across building, finances, and personnel decisions. The improvements to Spaulding Hall, home to the College of Life Sciences and Agriculture’s teaching and laboratory spaces, will attract students and faculty to UNH and develop new sustainability leaders.

Kylee Casner 

Academic Coach, TRIO Scholars 
As Academic Coach for the TRIO Scholars program, Kylee Casner provides students
of all identities with personalized support to help them thrive at UNH. Through educational programming and one-on-one student support, Casner creates a safe and welcoming environment for the UNH community.  

Evan Ford 

Farm Manager, Kingman Research Farm 
Evan Ford plays
a central role in supporting UNH’s compost program. From maintaining the compost piles to repairing equipment to working with students involved in the program, Evan Ford’s work enables UNH to reduce food and farm animal waste and provide education and research opportunities.

Erik Gross  

Senior Executive Director, University Advancement Finance & Treasurer, UNH Foundation 
Erik Gross served as a mentor to an undergraduate student
investigating the carbon footprint of UNHs investment portfolio and the feasibility of setting a "net zero investments" target for UNH. These efforts created a unique student opportunity that also advanced UNH’s leadership in sustainability investing.

William Janelle 

Associate Vice President for Facilities 
As co-chair of the Sustainability Task Force, chair of the Energy Task Force, and the leader of Facilities, Bill has consistently advocated for and infused sustainability into the fabric of UNH. Based on Bill's direction and example, the entire Facilities team, including Energy and Utilities, Campus Stewardship, Facilities Services and Capital Planning and Management teams have all increased their focus and commitment to sustainability outcomes.

Sharon Keeler 

Director of Integrated Marketing, Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics 
Sharon Keeler and colleagues launched a new
sustainability website including a dynamic United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) dashboard that gives a big picture of what Paul is accomplishing in the impact areas of teaching, research, partnership, dialogue, and organizational practices.

Rachel Maccini 

Lead Program Manager, Pesticide Safety, UNH Cooperative Extension 
Rachel Maccini coordinates and delivers pesticide safety education to applicators across New Hampshire. This education program is instrumental in the application of organic and conventional pesticides to protect non-pest species, ecosystems, worker health and safety, and water quality.

Jeff McKay 

Executive Director of Facilities Services, Facilities Management 
Jeff McKay has used his experience of his
previous roles at Tufts and USM to initiate, coordinate, and advocate for the Tiny Trash Program at UNH. This program raises awareness among UNH’s staff and faculty about zero waste, reduction of plastic pollution, increasing responsible consumption, and addressing the issue of recycling contamination on campus.

NH Leadership Series 

A program of the Institute on Disability 
The NH Leadership Series
provides leadership training to individuals and families
with lived experience of disabilities, creating opportunities for them to learn about and advocate for the laws, policies, supports and services that directly impact their lives.

Richard Rouleau 

Service Contracts Manager, Facilities 
Rouleau contributes to UNH's waste minimization efforts, including maximizing the effectiveness and visibility of campus recycling and reducing contamination. His efforts to lead by example, and to put effective systems in place, are helping create a culture of sustainability and individual responsibility.

Jessica Steele 

Human Resources Operations Representative 
By volunteering to be one of two offices piloting the Tiny Trash program in spring 2022, Jessica Steele and the HR team helped UNH test and refine an important strategy for improving employee engagement around zero waste.

Paul College Dean's Office 

Luciana Echazu, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education, Associate Professor of Economics, Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics 
Lucy Gilson, Dean of Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics

Victoria Parker, Associate Dean for Graduate Education and Faculty Administration, Associate Professor, Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics

Paul College’s leadership team has prioritized and embraced the concepts of sustainability and DEI, embedding these values in
curriculum, research, and culture. Some actions include the Responsible Management Education Working Group, collaboration with the library to create sustainable development goal resources, development of sustainable education workshops, and initiating Paul College’s signatory with the Principles for Responsible Management Education.

UNH Library Digital Services Program 

Eleta Exline, Scholarly Communication Librarian, UNH Library 
Codgill, Institutional Repository Coordinator, UNH Library

Sarah Stinson, Digital Collections Coordinator, UNH Library

The Library’s Digital Services Program supports the development of digital collections and gives countless virtual visitors access to the UNH Scholars Repository, digital collections, university
scholarship, and publications, ensuring equitable access to resources.

USNH Lean Team, Enterprise Technology and Services 

Dagmar Vlahos, Lean Master Black Belt
Thomas Lencki Jr.,
Lean Master Black Belt

Through Lean training, programming, and events, the USNH Lean Team has educated over 1,000 employees to contribute to a culture of continuous process improvement, innovation, and waste elimination.