Career Planning


As a TRIO Scholar, you will work closely with your Educational Counselor to develop a career plan.

Professional Development

You will work with your Educational Counselor to:

  • Develop your career goals
  • Understand the entry requirements for your desired career
  • Learn the career pathways of professionals in your field
  • Build confidence in your ability to enter a career
  • Build experiences at UNH that will inform your career goals

Applying for Jobs/Internships

As a TRIO Scholar, you will be supported as you search for jobs or internships through both 1:1 meetings with your Educational Counselor and large-scale programming. This includes

  • Building your LinkedIn profile
  • Access to the UNH TRIO Scholars LinkedIn Group
  • Resume building
  • Interviewing advice
  • Job/internship exploration
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Questions? TRIO Scholars would be happy to help.