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As a TRIO Scholar, you will have access to a strong support network that can help you flourish both academically and socially.

Your Educational Counselor / Academic Coach

Educational Counselors / Academic Coaches are professional TRIO (SSS) staff who you will meet with regularly to ensure your success and wellbeing at UNH and beyond. We serve as mentors and advocates who support TRIO Scholars in many ways, including academics, financial planning, graduate school preparation, job/internship searches, community building and more.

Your TRIO Scholar Peers

At UNH, there is a large TRIO Scholars network of students throughout various stages of college, who you can meet through:

  • TRIO (SSS) social events, such as movie night or ice skating.
  • TRIO Scholars workshops, which cover a wide range of topics including study abroad, getting involved in research, resume writing, and more.
  • 1st Semester Success Seminar that all 1st year students participate in to ensure a smooth transition to UNH.
  • Our TRIO Scholars social media pages.
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Questions? TRIO Scholars would be happy to help.