Graduating McNair Scholars, 2022

Many of our scholars are currently pursuing a graduate education and are well on their way to earning doctoral degrees. Since the McNair Scholars program began in 1991, it has served over 390 students. Of those, 184 students have earned master's degrees and 43 have earned doctoral degrees. There are 38 alumni currently pursuing graduate degrees. Please click below to see  a list of scholars currently pursuing PhD degrees, and a complete list of McNair Scholar Alumni who have earned PhD’s and/or professional doctorates.

Post-Program Support and Survey

While your experience as an undergraduate and McNair Scholar is commencing or has been concluded, please note that the McNair Program Staff are here to continue assisting you as you begin to plan and embark upon a new academic chapter of your life. Please review the “Scholar Resources” tab for additional information on graduate school exploration, applications and fee waivers, financing options, and more. Please do not hesitate to contact the McNair Program Staff should additional questions arise.

Please note that an important and required component needed for continued grant funding for the McNair Scholars Program includes a “Post-Program Survey”  to be completed by all McNair Scholars upon graduating from their undergraduate institution. If you are a McNair Scholar Alumnus/a, please complete the following survey which will provide the UNH McNair Program an update on your academic progress:

2023 McNair Alumni Survey

The alumni listed below are currently working on a PhD.

Click on the names in the list to see their McNair Profiles from when they were enrolled at the University of New Hampshire.

Nicole Sarette, PhD, Sociology, CUNY (2023)

Joslyn Villavicencio, PhD, Business Administration & Management, CUNY (2023)

Mya Urena PhD, Educational Psychology, University of Minnesota (2022)

Tan Dao PhD, Physics, Harvard University (2021)

Nhen Hunter PhD, Genetics, Stanford University (2021)

Rory Wilson PhD, Philosophy, University of Edinburgh (2021)

Hayley Haywood PhD, Education, University of Southern California (2020)

Stephanie Lo PhD, Electrical Engineering, University of Southern California (2020)

Hayden Proborowski PhD, Political Science, Indiana University Bloomington (2020)

Emily Berry PhD, Genetics, Development and Stem Cells, University of Rochester (enrolled 2019) 

Anna Haber PhD, Plant Breeding, Michigan State University (enrolled 2019)

Moussa Siri PhD, Environmental Conservation, University of Massachusetts-Amherst (enrolled 2019)

Michael Mignanelli PhD, Classics, University of Texas at Austin (enrolled 2018)

Michael Sales PhD, Psychology, Ohio State (enrolled 2017)

Timothy Kyle Plackemeier PhD , American History, Brandeis University (enrolled 2013)

A complete list of UNH McNair Scholar Alumni who have earned a PhD and/or professional doctorates may be viewed below.  If you are a McNair Scholar Alumnus/a, have earned a doctorate, are currently working in the non-profit sector, and are interested in going to D.C to advocate for the continued funding for federal TRIO programs, contact us here.

We also recommend that you consider becoming a member of the New Hampshire Educational Opportunity Association (NHEOA).

PhD and Doctoral Degree Recipients (1996 - Present)

Melissa Dongo PhD, Psychology, University of Florida (2023)

Steven Arias PhD, Physics, University of New Hampshire (2023)

Stephanie Yee PhD, Psychology, University of Maryland-College Park (2022)

Janice Disla, PhD, Psychology, University of California at Merced (2022)

Shersingh Joseph Tumber-Davila, PhD, Environmental Earth Science, Stanford University (2021)

Herbie Smith, PhD, Physics, University of Texas at Austin (2021)

Joshua Albair, PhD, Linguistics, University of Paris (2020)

Andrea Joseph, PhD , Social Work, University of Pittsburgh (2018)

George Adams, PhD, Music History, University of Chicago (2017)

Ashley Doukas, PhD, Clinical Psychology, The New School for Social Research (2017)​

Michael Taylor, PhD, Microbiology, University of New Hampshire (2017)

Eman Abureida Akam, PhD, Chemistry, University of Arizona (2016)

Léolène Jean, PhD, Biological Sciences, Vanderbilt University (2016)

Chantelle Jacobs, PhD, English Literature, University of Connecticut (2015) 

Stephen Morgan, PhD, Civil Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) (2015)

Tiffany Nowell, PhD, Psychology, Saint Louis University (2015)

Lana Cook, PhD, English, Northeastern University (2014)

Jacob McChesney, JD, Law, Pace University, School of Law (2012)

Manouchka Poinson, PhD, American Studies, University of Maryland-College Park (2012)

Jee Eun Song, PhD, Cultural Studies, University of California-Davis (2012)

Shani Roberts, PhD, Clinical Psychology, Wichita State University (2011)

Christoph Cameron, PhD, History, UNC Chapel Hill (2010)

Sherie Friedrich, PhD, Clinical Psychology, Antioch University-Midwest (2010)

Giao Huynh, PhD, Mathematics, University of Utah (2010)

David Lucander, PhD, Afro-American Studies, University of Massachusetts-Amherst (2010)

Airín Martinez, PhD, Sociology, University of California-San Francisco (2010)

Kinohi Nishikawa, PhD, Literature, Duke University (2010)

Shilyh Warren, PhD, Literature, Duke University (2010)

Ayana Weekley, PhD, Feminist Studies, University of Minnesota (2010)

Antoinette Hillian, PhD, Genetics, Case Western Reserve University (2009)

Rosa Alcazar, PhD, Biology, Johns Hopkins University (2008)

Amy Day-Lewis, PhD, Geophysics, Stanford University (2008)

Maria Hayes, DC, Chiropractic Medicine, Northwestern University (2008)

Sandra Howard, PhD, Design and Planning, University of Colorado-Denver (2008)

Christina Ulrich, MD, Medicine, Harvard Medical School (2008)

Jessica Johnson, JD, Law, College of William and Mary, School of Law (2007)

Jennifer Marckres, JD, Law, Suffolk University, School of Law (2007)

Shirley Arteaga, PhD, Human Services Psychology, University of Maryland-Baltimore (2006)

Loretta Carle Brady, PhD, Clinical Psychology, Fordham University (2006)

Jessica Pelletier-Brown, PhD, Human Services Psychology, University of Maryland-Baltimore (2006)

April Williams, JD, University of Georgia, School of Law (2006)

Martinique Alber, PhD, Psychology, Auburn University (2005)

Daudeline Meme, JD, Law, University of Michigan, School of Law (2005)

Jaime Rodríguez, PhD, Spanish and Portuguese, Columbia University (2005)

Lahra Smith, PhD, Political Science, University of California-Los Angeles (2005)

Diane O’Callaghan, JD, Law, University of New Hampshire, School of Law (2004)

Loréna Ahumada, JD, Law, George Washington University, School of Law (2003)

Tracy Bernson, JD, Law, Syracuse University, School of Law (2003)

John Greene, JD, Law, Fordham University, School of Law (2002)

Ora Carter Holcomb, PhD, Plant Physiology, Washington State University (2002)

Amy Palmer, PhD, Chemistry, Stanford University (2002)

Jared Sexton, PhD, Ethnic Studies, University of California-Berkeley (2002)

Jennifer Whetsell, JD, Law, New York University, School of Law (2002)

Rachel Worthen, PhD, Chemical Engineering, University of Florida (2001)

Sylvia Marecki, PhD, Pathology/Immunology, Boston University (2000)

Melissa Bourque Philion, PhD, Microbiology and Immunology, Drexel University (1998)

Karen LaCourse, PhD, Psychology, University of Michigan (1998)

Kristin Rennie, DVM, Veterinary Medicine, Tufts University (1998)

Thomas Graham, JD, Law, University of Connecticut, School of Law (1996)